About Me

First off, thank you for taking your time and visiting my website. I know it’s not the fanciest site on the Internet, but hey, at least there are tons of pictures to browse through! May I tell you a little about myself? Let’s start with this “photography” thingy. Definitely an accidental hobby. It started when I borrowed a friend’s  DSLR camera on a cruise ship back in 2010. It was so much fun! I must have taken 100 photos………… in 5 minutes. 2 months later, I brought my own camera and I’ve been shooting ever since. I was pretty much a self taught photographer. I watched Youtube videos and read a lot about the technical junk online. My camera was with me everywhere I went, so I was taking pictures of anything and everything. I started with portraits, then food, landscapes , family portraits, and now weddings! I was also able to recruit my long time friend, Nathan, as my shooting partner throughout my photography journey.

To me, photography is not about expensive equipment or technical know how. It’s about being a photojournalist and capturing moments as they happen. It’s telling a story through the camera lens and making people feel as if they are part of the image itself. Whether it’s photographing a child at play or a bouquet toss at a wedding, the emotions can be felt just by looking at the photos. Being a passionate photographer is what I strive to be the most. I believe passion, respect, humor and a genuine personality is what makes up Maxcnash.com. 

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