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If you are looking for a bag for your DSLR camera that can handle all of your gear you came to the right place. I made a top with the best camera backpacks and bags on the market that are available right now. And by best I mean top quality and subjective aspects which I considered to be important. Price is not always a key factor in my reviews because as you may already know if you’ve read my previous article I consider quality to be way more important than price. Of course, some backpacks have a better price/quality ratio but I will specify when that is the case. Actually, I will begin the top with the one I consider to be the best buy.

Best Buy

Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Pro DSLR Camera Backpack

Lowepro is a well known company in the bag and backpack industry for cameras and other gear. They have an experience of almost 50 years in designing and manufacturing some of the best bags on the market and they still hold up exceptionally well. They love to create original ergonomic designs and only work with top rated materials still offering their products at an incredible value for the money.

The Lowepro Flipside 500 has a body-side access design that offers a better security than regular top side ones and also faster access to the gear. The backpack is sectioned in multiple compartments that will provide enough space for a lot of lenses, chargers, batteries and one large 500mm Tele lens.

As a professional photographer or film-maker, you will often find yourself in bad weather situations like rain, snow and even sand. With the patented All Weather AW Cover in the Lowepro Backpack, your gear is safe in any weather condition. Other compartments include built-in memory card pockets the attachment loops offer increased carrying capacity and the tripod mount secures well, a mount on the outside of the bag.

Offering great quality for your bucks the Lowepro Flipside 500 is what I consider to be the best buy. If you think it has what it takes I highly recommend you this backpack.

Best Quality and All Around Backpack

Chrome Unisex Niko Pack Black Backpack

Chrome is a cool company that I really love. They have an innovative and young perspective on the products they create. They are like the Apple of bag and backpacks. The first Chrome bag was created using a Juki sewing machine and since then they began creating more and more original bags and gear, especially the messenger bag which made them quite popular.

The Chrome Unisex Niko Pack is a USA-made bag that first and foremost is completely customizable, so you are not limited to compartments that cannot be taken off or space that cannot be used by your accessories that are too big or too small.

For durability and quality, I have to say that this is hands-down one of the best and most durable backpacks I have ever seen. You can literally crash it from head height and your gear will be just fine. Not to mention that for paying a couple of hundred dollars on this bag you can save gear worth of thousands of dollars. I consider it a no-brainer pick especially if you are more or less clumsy.

It features a strap for carrying a tripod that is practical and simple to use and shoulder and chest straps that makes it easy to carry it for long periods of time.

I highly recommend you this bag if what you are looking for is quality, reliability, originality and flexibility.

Case Logic Kilowatt KSB-102 Large Sling Backpack for Pro DSLR and Laptop

The Case Logic Kilowatt now comes at a great price. If what you are looking for is value for the money then the Case Logic should be your main pick.

It has a bulky design in order to fit most of the gear you would need even if you are a picky professional that needs several compartments and space. The bag is designed to sustain a DSLR with a lens of up to 8 inches attached, a couple of other lenses, accessories, and even a 15.6-inch laptop.

It is configurable up to some point, not like the Chrome backpack but still it offers some flexibility. The camera is secured inside with an elastic strap that I am not a huge fan of, but anyway, it does the job pretty well.

The carrying strap is configurable to three types of use, two on the left and right shoulder and one as a backpack. I like to keep it more in backpack mode but that’s really up to you.

A high quality backpack coming at a great price, I think the Case Logic Kilowatt is worth taking in consideration when looking for your new camera/DSLR backpack.

ZLYC Leather Vintage Removable Padded Camera Messenger Shoulder Bag for DSLR Camera and Lens, Brown

If you want to carry your gear in style, try the ZLYC Leather Vintage shoulder bag. It is manufactured using high quality leather and has a high thread polyester lining, it is elegant and carries along a lot of style.

It has multiple pockets including but not limited to one main compartment for the main body and up to 3 lenses or another camera, one removable caddy, one front pocket and one mobile phone holder. Of course, it features other smaller pockets for various small accessories like SD cards or other things.

Some may be surprised by this fact but you should know that oil leather gains scratches pretty fast. So this is definitely not a bag for people that need a shock resistant bag. Although after you use it for some time the scratches will create some sort of beautiful pattern that will perfectly fit the vintage design of it.

I think that particular aspects like how it feels are pretty subjective so I will only say that it is a delight to wear it and more importantly you get great value for the money. For those that put design and beauty above anything, the ZLYC Leather bag is a great choice to keep your DSLR gear in. It’s lovely.

Incase DSLR Pro Pack Nylon Black CL58068

This bag is really simple compared to other fancy backpacks with a lot of zip locks. But simple doesn’t mean bad. It actually is one of the best designed bags I have ever seen. It is mainly made out of nylon and will fit any DSLR camera along with additional lenses and different accessories.

The whole backpack centers on the main compartment that has a large volume and is where you will store your camera along with the lenses and the main gear. On the secondary quick access pocket, I recommend you to store disposable stuff and things that you need to have, well, quick access to, like sunglasses, phone, and others.

The Incase bag fits really nice in any airplane overhead and can easily support a laptop of 15 inches. The price Incase choose on this backpack is what I call perfect. You get exactly what you pay for, a great bag for your gear that could be your companion for many years from now.

Tenba 632-431 Shootout 32L Bag (Black)

I think that the Tenba backpack perfectly fits the professional that needs a lot of space, it’s very picky on where some compartments should be, and it goes for several days out in adventures to capture the best shots and needs a bag to perfectly fit all of these activities without any concessions. That’s where I think the Tenba Shootout really shines.

It features an aluminum frame that stabilizes the load and evenly transfers the weight onto the hip belt. This is something that you won’t see on any regular backpack. Speaking of feels it is very comfortable due to the form factor on the back. It is also weather resistant and the YKK zippers are rubberized. The stitches are reinforced in order to give it added resistance since the stitches are always the weak points in bags.

It’s true you will have to get more money out of your pocket but I think it is definitely worth it considering that as a professional photographer or film maker your gear can be worth of up to 5 figures. You don’t want to put this in a $50 bag, are you?

Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack (Black)

This is one of the cheapest backpacks that I reviewed, still a hugely popular one. There is a high chance that by randomly picking someone with a Case Logic camera backpack he or she actually has this model. Of course its popularity is based on a series of reasons, mainly the great value for the money.

It fits a laptop of 15 inches, a DSLR camera with attached zoom lens and other gear. The hammock system suspends the camera above the bottom case in order to resist any kind of impact also the casing is as you would expect waterproof.

I would also like to mention that the memory foam on the interior is a really good choice made by Case Logic because it protects the LCD screens of your gear. I have seen a lot of backpacks that leave a lot of scratches on $2000 DSLRs and this can be really frustrating. The industrial grade straps on the side will firmly secure your tripod.

Case Logic is not afraid to give a 25 years warranty because they know that their products are designed to last. Of course since at this price you get some drawbacks like the padded dividers which are pretty thick and take up usable space and the zipper on the main compartment that doesn’t go all way down when opened because of the rubber at the bottom, making the lower compartments hard to reach. Yet I consider these are quite minor drawbacks and shouldn’t really influence you until you are very demanding on these topics.

The Case Logic backpack offers great value for the money and quality that you would normally find on more expensive bags. It can make for a great present for a photographer.

Evecase Extra Large DSLR Camera/Laptop Travel Backpack Gadget Bag w/ Rain Cover – Black

What I personally like on the Evecase bag is that it doesn’t limit you to only carry DSLR gear and camera associated stuff. You basically can convert it in a travel bag really fast just by unzipping the middle compartment.

It features two layers for added flexibility and ease of use. The top layer has a removal padded divider that can hold 1 DSLR and up to 4 lenses. The bottom layer can hold 1 DSLR and 2 lenses. So you get a total of two cameras and a whopping 6 lenses capacity. This is what I consider very spacious and convenient. It also fits laptops of 15 inches like the MacBook Pro and Chromebooks or maybe a tablet.

The comfort is amazing due to the side holder straps and adjustable waist straps that reliefs the burden from your shoulders and distributes it through your body. It also includes a waterproof cover for any eventuality. I have seen some confused potential buyers that thought the Evecase backpack only holds Nikon DSLRs; this is completely untrue although this information appears on some sites. It can be used with any kind of DSLR from Canon and Fujifilm to Nikon and Sony. The only limitation is imposed by the size of the lens since all bodies are supported.

What I can consider as a con are the zippers. They are not as rugged as they should have been. From time to time I found the laptop sticking out where the zipper slides. Else speaking it is a great all around camera backpack for everyday use.

Sony LCSBP3 DSLR System Backpack with Laptop Storage, (Black)

Sony is one of the most known digital companies on the market. It is a revolutionary company that made the life of regular people better as time has passed. From their first Walkman up to the recent technology with which they are coming on the market. And it seems that they did a great job in the backpack segment too; actually an impressive job.

With this backpack, you can carry one DSLR camera several lenses and accessories and one 15 inch laptop. It has padded dividers that protect the equipment and are movable for a more flexible configuration. The main compartment is big enough to support large bodies of professional DSLRs along with an attached 8.5 inches lens. It is pretty surprising how Sony managed to make so much space inside of a somewhat small bag that can easily fit on an average airplane luggage holder.

It features multiple pockets for different accessories with quick access and cushions on the sides to protect the contents. I really love the pockets and compartments on the Sony backpack, I consider the space to be one of the best partitioned possible on a camera bag.

I think this backpack is an expectation breaker at its finest. When looking at it you expect for a quality 100 bucks bag that will make it for what you need it, but believe it or not this will greatly exceed these expectations. The compartments are amazing, very spacious and would please even a top end picky photographer with what it can offer. For the price this is an incredibly good backpack. I highly recommend it above everything in this price range.

Case Logic KDB-101 Kontrast Pro-DSLR Backpack (Black)

This is a backpack loved by many photo enthusiasts and professionals because it comes with many innovative compartments and an overall great design like the water resistant DuraBase technology and the hammock system which suspends the camera for protection, but not only these.

Unlike many backpacks, this one has a top load entry that offers added endurance and security over your gear because there is no risk of your most important gear to fall when a zipper malfunctions. The main compartment can store many major DSLR bodies with the lens attached and a 15-inch laptop. To sum it up it is a pretty massive backpack, and it can store a lot of gear.

The only way of fully experiencing the functionalities of this bag is by having one yourself. I highly recommend it if you are interested in a huge backpack at a reasonable price.

Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Convertible Rolling Backpack (ACPRO4000)

I will keep it short on this one. This is a trolley-like bag mainly for easy transition and use so it’s not for active photographers that want flexibility because it is more centered on a big capacity and a reliable carrying system that takes away the burden from your shoulders. I am not a fan of this system because it’s not working so well as a backpack. You may know that the wheels are not so comfortable when you wear it on your back. Anyways this is just a personal opinion and

I am aware that some may prefer this system due to the heavy gear they carry. In this case the Ape Case might just be your best pick.

It is designed to carry up to 3 DSLRs and a lot of other gear like lenses, cards, glasses, tripods and even full-size flashes; also, it can hold one laptop of up to 17 inches along with its accessories like the power cord and mouse. With a total of high quality 16 padded pockets the Ape Case Pro Digital can withstand all of your gear without any problems. The fully adjustable harness seems to work quite well.

As a high capacity trolley backpack the Ape Case is a great companion that is worth checking out.

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