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If you’re into crafting and DIY projects, you do need a great machine that helps make real all the great ideas that you have.

A very popular name in the business is Cricut that stands out with the quiet operation and the ease of use-, which are quite important for any DIY project.

We like Cricut for the variety of models, but also because it’s keeping up the pace with technology. Its simplified software, the chance for you to buy files online with minor costs are important “pros” when thinking about getting a Cricut machine. You may also upload your own SVG files and cut any font that is installed on your computer.

Some Cricut machines do come with a twist; as they are easy to use, you lose on the ability to really manipulate your own projects. In case you also like to work more on your designing, this type of Cricut sure disappoints. Keep also in mind that you also need an Internet connection to use a model like that. In order to play it on the safe side, it wouldn’t hurt to check the compatibility of the Cricut with your own computer.

We like Cricut machines, as they are able to work on so many various materials: cardstock, paper, and vinyl, even leather and thin wood. They come with a strong motor that takes the intense use, for a good amount of time.

If you’re looking for a machine that cuts thicker medium, don’t hesitate and get a Cricut machine. This feature also helps the Cricut stand out from the crowd.

Another thing we appreciate highly on some Cricut models is the ability to cut and draw at the same time, as they come with slots for blade and pen altogether.

No matter which model you get in the end, Cricut machines don’t disappoint and only come with minor flaws. Yet again, no machine is perfect.

TOP 5 Cricut Machine Reviews

If you’re on an entry level when it comes to DIY crafts, you may totally rely on a model like the For those of you who never tried a die cutting machine by now, it’s not a bad idea to begin with Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine.

The electronic cutting machine comes with plenty of useful features, you don’t have to pay the extra buck to make all your DIY crafts, and projects come true.

You may upload and cut your images without paying a fee and the machine lets you design everywhere you want as it comes with free cloud-based apps for Mac, iPad, iPhone and PC.

We like the machine as it also lets you cut wirelessly when you add the wireless Bluetooth adapter.

In terms of materials it can cut, the machine is also great since it gets through a wide variety of materials (from paper to iron-on to adhesive vinyl and leather). You may confidently use it for paper, vinyl, cardstock and other fabrics. The Smart Set dial helps you use the right settings for the material of your current project.

The accuracy of the machine is another thing worth talking about. Thanks to it CutSmart technology, your cuts are nice, clean and precise every time. Your cuts may range from ¼ to 11 ½ wide X23 ½ inch tall. The German carbide premium blade is sharp and tough.

The Cricut Explore One comes with a 12×12 inch cutting mat and 50+free images, but also many free project ideas 25+), and one vinyl sample.

The machine is well made and works with Cricut cartridges. It runs rather smooth and quiet and is dependable for some time.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The machine is well made and dependable
  • It cuts a wide variety of materials
  • The cuts are precise every time
  • It runs smooth and quiet

We also have a list of cons:

  • The software may be better
  • The cutting area is a tad small

Despite the minor flaws, we still like the machine for its durability, versatility and smooth operation.

When you do like a lot to work on your DIY projects, but you’re not really fond of the idea to stay near your computer when doing it, a wireless machine is what you really need.

A very good option from Cricut is the Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine that lets you move away from your computer while crafting. Furthermore, the Cricut isn’t just wireless but also highly versatile and you may cut through various materials with it.

The machine has an embedded Bluetooth for the wireless cutting, but includes many other good features.

You’re gonna like for sure the dual carriage for writing and cutting, or cutting and scoring at the same time. You may upload you images free (various formats: .svg, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, and .dxf). The machine gest through no less than 60 types of materials, including vellum and leather.

The list of features includes the SmartSet dial, which helps you easily choose the right setting on a specific material.

You may cut so many shapes, accurately and variously sized, from 1/4” to11 ½” wide x23 ½” tall. The blades are tough and take the intense use.

Easy to use and well made, the machine has a durability feel. The design is well thought out and the machine comes with built-in storage compartments (one can never have too many of those).

The machine also lets you manually customize setting within program, increasing its versatility.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The machine is wireless
  • It’s very accurate and gives clean cuts
  • It works on a great variety of materials
  • It’s well made and feels durable

We wouldn’t mind to see some improvements:

  • The images may look blurry at times
  • There is a learning curve, according to some

All things considered, we still think this is a great wireless Cricut that makes your life so easy when it comes to DIY projects.

If you’re in need for a DIY cutting machine that is manual and not electrical, you may totally give it a shot with the Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine.

The machine is not only easy to operate, but it also takes the dies you already have. It works very well on many types of crafting materials: tissue paper, foils, thin leather, acetate ribbon, and more.

In terms of details, we like a lot the compact shape and the fold-n-store profile that lets you easily store, with minimal footprint when stored. The portability of the machine is also a good thing and the built-in pop-up handle lets you easily carry around the Cricut Cuttlebug.

The machine ensures clean, crisp cuts and accurate, deep embosses. You may use it for the whole line of Cricut Cuttlebug embossing folders and cutting dies. It’s also compatible with many folders and dies.

The machine comes with cutting pads, space, an instruction booklet and a flower-embossing folder.

The suction on the machine is strong and the machine is user friendly.

The very short list of pros is:

  • The machine cuts and embosses on a large variety of materials
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s compatible with many folders and dies
  • It’s portable and very easy to store

The cons are only a few:

  • It’s small so you can’t use it for the larger projects
  • It’s not electrical

Despite the minor cons, we do know what the machine brings to the table and take advantage of all the good things.

One of the most popular Cricut machines out there is the Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine.

Not only the machine cuts an impressive variety of materials (more than 50!), but you don’t need any cartridges when using it. The machine is cartridge compatible though. It actually combines with Cricut Design Space so you may do your DIY projects.

When it comes to the designs, the machine is great as it lets you upload and cut your own designs free (SVG files included). You can also use the ready-to-make projects and the 50,000+ images from the Cricut library.

The software is free and easy to use and you don’t need to pay any upgrades. The machine comes with many great functions, as the Print then cut feature that lets you print full color images with Cricut Design Space and your printer. You may cut them precisely with the Cricut Explore machine.

The machine works smooth and quiet and the German carbide reinforced blades take the intense use. The design is well thought out and is so simple, yet so highly efficient. The dual clamps hold a blade and a pen/scoring stylus so you may cut and write or score all at once.

The attention to the details makes us get the popularity of the machine. It works amazing on so many materials, from paper to leather and other electronic cutting machines. It cuts all sorts of shapes and sizes, highly accurate every time. you may cut fonts as small as 1/4inch tall and images up to 11-1/2 inches wide by 23 ½ inches tall.

Durable, very well thought out and so dependable, the machine doesn’t disappoint any customer.

The main qualities would be:

  • The machine is easy to use and durable
  • You may cut through more than 50 types of materials
  • It doesn’t need cartridges, but it’s cartridge compatible
  • You may use an amazing variety of models

The downsides aren’t many:

  • The Design Space needs improvement
  • The software is slow

For the amazing versatility and great design, the machine is a sure buy whenever in need.

Do you like scrapbooking and paper crafting more than anything else? The Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine is definitely the choice for you as it offers so many possibilities when it comes to greeting cards, scrapbooks and all sorts of paper crafts.

The machine is great if you want to cut letter, phrases or shapes. You may easily use it for paper, vinyl, cardstock or vellum. The cuts may vary in size, from 1 inch to 5 -1/2 inches tall.

What’s great about the machine is that you don’t need to use a computer, but you do need to use cartridges. The machine comes though with George and Basic shapes cartridge so you’re good to go in the beginning. The cartridges are small and lightweight.

We also enjoy the portability of the machine and the ease of use. You only need to touch a button to cut letters, shapes or phrases.

There’s no learning curve with the machine and you only need to place your paper on the cutting mat, load it into the machine, and insert your cartridge. You continue by selecting the cutting and pressing cut. You may also control the size and the style of the cut with some simple controls.

The machine comes also with a cutting mat, user manual, and one power adapter.

Let’s highlight the things we like the most:

  • The machine is great for greeting cards, scrapbooks and various paper crafts
  • It cuts vellum, vinyl, paper, and cardstock
  • It cuts letters, phrases and shapes
  • The machine is easy to use and to carry around

There are some minor flaws attached to the machine:

  • You can’t actually design your own image
  • The paper pad loses its stickiness sooner than expected

As long as you are aware of its limits, the Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic still remains a good option if you really enjoy scrapbooking. 

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