Complete Guide to Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Why Get The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener?

Some may think this is hilarious, but sharpening a pencil to perfection is a delicate process that results in good pointy ends. And, in order not to waste the laborious process, you might want to protect the pointy ends with some plastic tubing over them. Only if you want to have sharp, reliably pencils when you need them.

Finding the best electric pencil sharpener is no easy job. While manual sharpeners give you the chance to see the tip of the pencil along the process (not all of them), electric sharpeners give you speed, along with a solution to the risk of over-sharpening. No matter if you go manual or electric, it’s always important to empty pencil sharpeners constantly and brush off blades with a toothbrush.

A good electric sharpener keeps your wooden pencil in perfect state and not only shaves the wood away to reveal the lead underneath, but it also gives you the unbeatable sharp point that brings your ideas to life. You can go for a small portable sharpener or an old-school hand crank- either way, there are some tips to consider when getting the best pencil sharpener ever.

When getting an electric sharpener, it’s important to know that 8mm is the most common diameter for a pencil, but there are thick pencils going up to 10.5mm. Nowadays, most of the sharpeners fit the standard 8mm pencils.

The Top 5 Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews 

No matter how much you enjoy the old fashioned ways, sometimes you need to give in to the new technology and admit that there’s no better thing than an electric pencil sharpener. The manual ones are simply just too old fashioned and not cool at all. An electric pencil sharpener is more efficient and may come in so many various designs and colors.

An electric pencil sharpener is easy to use and not very expensive. Plus, when it comes to the new generations… everybody looks cool with one!

The market offers so many options, sizes, performances and prices. We took a close look, pondered for a while and managed to decide on the very best of them, and placed them into categories. Your needs, likes and… wallets have the final word, though.

1. School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener

The first electric pencil sharpener we present is the School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener that sells as a single unit.

This is a very efficient, fast speed pencil sharpener (it takes only 3 seconds to sharpen a new pencil) that comes in a nice, modern design.

The shavings receptacle is large, easy to remove and empty- you’d have to do it only once a day if you sharpen the pencils for an entire classroom, for instance.

The sharpener features helical steel blades and auto-stop mechanism in order to get the perfect tip.

This is not a very quiet sharpener (it has a heavy-duty motor), but it keeps the lead centered, while the non-skid rubber pads give it good stability when on duty.

This electric pencil sharpener comes in two colors (black and grey), at a fair price and makes an ideal addition to any classroom or busy office.


2. OfficeGoods Electric Pencil Sharpener

A great, quite small and very good looking electric pencil sharpener is the OfficeGoods – Electric & Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener For The Perfect Point.

This sharpener creates an evenly distributed point and stops working when the shaving lid is removed- therefore it’s very safe to use around children.

You can adjust the sharpener to your needs as it has 3 different pencil points: blunt, medium and sharp. This gives the sharpener great versatility and improves your office work,

The sharpener also has three ways to get powered: an USB cord, batteries (not included) or AC adapter.

It takes around 7-10 seconds to sharpen a pencil that has never been sharpened and only 1-2 seconds to get a new point for your pencil- so, this is a fast sharpener.

The helical steel blade gives speed, in a quiet way, to the sharpener but also precision, since the point is evenly sharpened.

The sharpener is easy to use thanks to the nonskid rubberized pads that hold it in place.

It’s easy to clean up the sharpener as the shavings collect in the cup.

You can use this also for color pencils (Prismacolor), and for variously shaped pencils (triangular, hexagonal) just as well.

The sharpener is made from environmentally-friendly materials and is a great help in home, schools, artists’ studios or busy offices.


3. Imikas Pencil Sharpener

Imikas offers the Pencil Sharpener, High Quality Electric & Battery Operated that is great for home and school use.

The helical steel blade gives a smooth, evenly distributed point and the sharpener may be used for hard colored pencils too.

It has a safety feature that stops the sharpener once the shaving tray is removed-this makes it a great help in school, around children.

The sharpener has several power sources: USB cable (included), batteries (4xAA batteries, not included) and an AC plug-in adapter (US adapter included).

You can select three different sharpness settings for this sharpener: blunt, medium or sharp.

This electric pencil sharpener is not bulky, is rather small and very easy to use.

It’s lightweight, easy to take around, it’s also pretty quiet and comes with a bonus eBook- containing instructions for packing and using.


4. School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener

The School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener is a heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener that is great for home and school use, but also for the adult coloring book artists.

This sharpener features an auto pencil stop so you can get a perfect, evenly distributed point every single time.

This is a rather quiet sharpener that has a helical steel blade and a heavy-duty motor with an auto reset feature, which prevents overheating.

There is a large capacity trap for shavings that is easy to use.

The sharpener is heavy and sturdy on the table and works fast.

Well-constructed, with a streamlined design, this easy to use sharpener gets the job done every time.


5. Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

One of the quietest electric pencil sharpeners is, for sure, the Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener with 6 holes.

This is a quiet, stall free sharpener that has also a thermal overload protection and a tamper-proof safety switch. This means it shuts down the motor when the large shavings compartment is removed for cleaning.

The sharpener also features a 6 size selector dial with an oversized base and a tip saver technology that protects against over sharpening, expanding the pencil’s life.

The motor of the sharpener is very quiet and fast. The shavings tray is very large and its translucent color gives a clear visual for when it needs to be cleaned.

The suction cup foot is part of the base and gives great stability to the sharpener and keeps it secure while in use.

And, let’s not forget to mention its color, as the the choice of vibrant blue or purple brings a nice touch of color to any office or classroom.


Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Home

It doesn’t matter if you have some art related hobbies at home or not, but it’s a sure thing that everybody needs a good electric pencil sharpener around the house. This goes even without saying if you have kids or you’re a teacher or an artist!

So, an electric pencil sharpener for the home should be reliable, sturdy, and easy to move around, heavy duty and with a nice look- for a better fitting in the decor.

It has to be safe to use for the children also and should be able to sharpen various kinds and sizes of pencils, or at least most of them.

One of the products that satisfies almost all the needs and likes of any of us, is the Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener from Imikas.

This is a compact, lightweight sharpener that is easy to use and extremely portable. It sharpens fats, evenly, giving a great point.

The sharpener has a safety feature and it stops when the shaving tray is removed for cleaning (which is easy to do, by the way).

The sharpener is battery operated (4 x AA batteries, not included) and fits pencils from 6 to 8mm, but also the colored once. For the Prismacolor pencils, you can choose from our previous selection.

The helical stainless steel blade gives a nice point to your pencils, really fast.

This is a safe device, easy to use, clean, move and fits any home decor.

The Tatji Electric Pencil Sharpener is a lightweight sharpener that performs as a heavy duty one.

It gives a clean cut every time and a perfect point in 5 seconds.

The sharpener is very safe as it deactivates instantly when the shavings tray is removed. So no worries when the children are working with it.

The durable helical blade gives a sharp point to the pencils and the motor automatically turns on and off as you insert or remove the pencil.

The slick modern design makes this sharpener look pretty on any desk in your home and the manufacturer created a noble purpose: 1 dollar of each purchase goes to the Trinity Children’s Home.


Best Sharpeners for the Classroom

Every teacher has many dreams, and one of them would be for the children to sharpen their pencils quietly, no matter what the size or texture of the pencils. And this shouldn’t happen every 5 minutes also. And there shouldn’t be many questions asked about how to use the sharpener. And the teacher shouldn’t need to check up on the children while they’re sharpening their pencils, for safety reasons anyway…

So, a good electric pencil sharpener for classroom use has to be quiet enough, heavy-duty, child-safe and to feature adjustable size for pencils.

For the teacher that wants efficiency above everything, the School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener is the thing to buy.

This sharpener is sold as a single unit that is sturdy in place and doesn’t tip over.

The auto pencil stop gives a perfect tip every time, even in the case of colored pencils.

This is definitely a heavy duty pencil sharpener that gets the job done, no matter how often you use it throughout the day.

It’s quiet enough, well priced and perhaps the bin could be larger.

The helical steel blade and the heavy-duty motor (with an auto reset device that prevents overheating) give a perfect, evenly distributed sharpness to all pencils.

The shavings bin is easy to remove and clean up and causes the operation to stop when removed.

This electric pencil sharpener cuts like a beaver and the only thing holding it back is the joy of the kids when they’re sharpening the pencils- they want to do it over and over again!

Westcott Axis iPoint Evolution Electric Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener is another great sharpener that has also won several awards for its performances.

It is specially designed for high volume of work in the classroom and the multi-hole dial gives the chance to adjust the sharpener to variously sized pencils.

This sharpener is very quiet and has an auto-stop feature- the sharpener stops once the pencil gets to the perfect tip.

When you remove the shavings receptacle, the sharpener stops so it’s very safe to use with children. The shavings are ultra-thin, expanding the life span of pencils.

The shavings bin is easy to remove and clean up also.

The helical 10-blade technology makes the sharpening fast and precise and you feel it when the pencil gets to perfect point.

Giving balanced sharpening and stability in the process, this electric pencil sharpener makes a great choice for any teacher.


Best Sharpeners for Teachers

Being a teacher takes a lot of patience. Your kids depend on you and the last thing you want in your classroom is to worry about sharpening the pencils, as you need them fast and sharp all the time.

Of course, as a teacher, you can’t simply get any kind of electric pencil sharpener… It has to be safe to use around the children. It also has to be quiet and ideally to have multiple size selection, so that you’d be able to sharpen variously sized pencils.

It would be great if this electric sharpener would work for colored pencils just as well. And to be easy to use and clean up. And to be long lasting- you don’t want to buy a new one every few weeks.

As you can see, there are several things to take into consideration when getting a good electric pencil sharpener, but we’ve managed to select the very best two of them.


The first one that we present is the X-ACTO Teacher Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener with SmartStopit simply shows when the pencil sharpening is done, and the motor turns off automatically when the sharpening is complete.

There is a multi-size pencil dial so that you may sharpen most pencils.

The sharpener features a hardened steel cutter for maximum precision, with a smooth and quiet operation.

The sharpener is made of high-quality durable materials, giving best of performance due to the carbon steel sharpened blades and the sturdy construction.

The shavings receptacle is extra-large and the sharpener is flexible so you can try all kinds of pencil sizes, but also all types, ranger from the thicker pencils to the slimmer, more traditional style. You can try hardwood and composite pencils just as well, with great results.

The Avalon Titanium Blade Automatic Heavy Duty Electronic Pencil Sharpener gets the job done for any teacher who wants no fuss when sharpening pencils in the classroom.

The sharpener features very strong and durable titanium blades so you can get evenly sharpened pencils for a very long time.

There is a built-in safety mechanism, so the sharpener won’t function when the safety cap is on.

The shavings tray is see-through so you can see when it’s time to remove and clean it.

This sharpener has a sleek, modern design and looks good on any desk.

It sharpens the pencils fast and very well and the auto shut off feature makes it safe to use in classrooms.

This is a sturdy sharpener with a detachable plug adapter and it’s safer not to use it for colored pencils.


Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Artists

Any pencil artist should know how to sharpen a colored or graphite pencil- it’s an indispensable skill.

If drawing with colored/graphite pencils is your thing, than you know how important pencils are and how unpleasant it is when they break…

For instance, the „lead” in colored pencils is in fact a colored pigment on a wax base. This is rather soft so it breaks pretty easily. Colored pencil artists simply love to give their colored pencils a nice, sharp point. Without the protective wood encasing the lead though, getting the perfect pointed pencil becomes a rather impossible mission.


BTSKY Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy Duty with 2 Different Sizes of Holes is a sharpener that gets any pencil artist out of trouble.

It’s small, easy to move around and gives two possibilities to be powered up: USB and batteries.

The sharpener has a child-safety design- the sharpener stops once the shaving tray is removed, keeping children safe.

The sharpener gives the pencil the perfect point that all artists look for thanks to the long lasting steel blade. The extra-large shaving bin it easy to remove and clean up.

The sharpener comes with an extra replaceable sharpener core so that you can use the original for a very long time without buying replacement parts.

And, if you want to surprise your artist friend, keep in mind that this comes gift wrapped just as well.

If you have just discovered adult coloring or if you’ve been doing it for quite some time, you know you need a good sharpener, just like the Electric Pencil Sharpener by Humble Genius.

This is a easy to use sharpener that sharpens to perfect point any kind of pencil: graphite, watercolor or pastel.

This is a long lasting, well built, sturdy electric pencil sharpener that features a unique push-button cleaning system that prevents jamming.

It sharpens regular and colored pencils great and fits 6 different sized pencils.

When its shavings receptacle is removed, the blade stops so the sharpener is safe around kids. The shavings bin is large and transparent- you can see when it needs to be cleaned up.

The auto-stop feature protects the pencils from over-sharpening, while the overheat prevention function takes care of the motor, extending its life span.

The helix steel blade is sharp and durable and the non-skid rubber feet give the sharpener more stability.

This electric pencil sharpener makes every artist’s life easier, for sure.

Easy to use and dependable for colored and regular pencils also, the LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener Pro with Multi Size Insert Slot is a fairly priced electric pencil sharpener that helps any artist in need.

The pencil sharpener comes with plenty of good things and only few minor drawbacks that don’t undermine its value.

A good feature to begin with is the adjustable insert slot that takes all pencils sized from 7mm to 11mm in diameter. You may use it with regular #2 pencils, colored pencils, jumbo size pencils and triangular pencils as well.

The heavy-duty helical steel blade works efficiently and ensures uniform sharpening every single time. You don’t have to check your pencil as the sharpener automatically shuts off when you get the ideal point.

The shavings tray is pretty large and the storage slot is a nice detail. The sharpener has a small footprint and its vertical design saves space, while looking stylish on any desk also. The non-slip rubber feet hold in place the sharpener when in use.

Taking a look for the safety features, we notice the built in safety switch that disables the sharpener the second you remove the front cover. This is why it’s safe to use the sharpener around small children.

The sharpener is efficient and gives a nice point every time. It’s very easy to use and works so fast.

Highlighting the most important pros:

  • The sharpener has a top-loading design
  • It has a small footprint and looks stylish
  • It’s versatile and you may use it for variously sized pencils (colored and regular)
  • It works fast and easy

The minor flaws aren’t many:

  • It’s not portable
  • The durability may be questionable

Despite the flaws, as it’s versatile, dependable, safe and easy to operate, the electric pencil sharpener is a great little helper for any artist.


Best Sharpeners for Colored Pencils

Why is it tricky to sharpen a colored pencil? Using an electric pencil sharpener might be a bit more complicated with colored pencils since they have more dynamic core range. Some colored pencils are also incredibly hard and some are made of hard wax, whereas some are made of more malleable oils.

Some cores can be, furthermore, unbelievably thick and others can be quite thin. So, how to get the perfect electric sharpener for colored pencils? Not to mention that with an electric sharpener you have a lot less control- it’s easy to apply too much force, for instance. Plus, after a while, the wax from the colored pencils ends up building up and clogging the sharpener…

You can avoid these problems by following some tips. Every once in a while you can run a regular graphite pencil through the sharpener so the clogs go away. The grease of the graphite helps to clean and clear the blades of the electric sharpener. You can also open up the sharpener and clean the blades using some Q-tips or toothpicks form time to time.


The Ohuhu Electric Automatic Pencil Sharpener is specially designed for colored pencils and the pencils never get over-sharpened thanks to the automatic idling function.

The replaceable sharpener core design is highly efficient and the sharpener comes with one replacement core.

The power sources are multiple for this sharpener: you can use and USB (wire included) or 4 AA batteries (not included).

The sharpener is easy to use and to move around. The non-skid feet gives stability to the sharpener and the sharp and long lasting SK5 steel blade gives a fast and stable cutting performance.

The see-through shavings tray helps to see when it’s time to empty the shavings build-up. Once the shaving tray is removed, the sharpener stops so it’s safe to use around children.

This compact designed sharpener makes a great help at home, office or even in the classroom.

The Ohuhu pencil sharpener comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a full 12-month warranty.

This Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener is a great sharpener for colored pencils, keeping them in great condition.

The sharpener is pretty quiet and classroom friendly and safe to use for kids. It has an auto stop feature when the cover or lid is removed.

The unique sharp stainless steel helical blade is long lasting and gets the job done even for the hard colored pencils.

This sharpener makes a great gift also for the loved ones, since it can be used in scrapbooking, homeschooling, make-up, art and crafts.

As it is cord-free, the sharpener is clutter free, giving space on your desk.

The auto stop safety feature prevents operation while the tray is removed and the sharpener may be used by children of all ages, at school or at home.


Best Sharpeners for Prismacolor

Prismacolor pencils have a wonderful soft, buttery texture, but the lead tends to break pretty easily if you’re not paying attention.

The Prismacolor colored pencils can work amazing just as long as you sharpen them well and take good care of them. You can use handheld pencil sharpeners, cosmetic sharpeners or sandpaper blocks to sharpen your Prismacolor pencils, or go for an electric sharpener, as there are so many models to choose from.

It’s true that Prismacolor pencils are quite drama-prone, but considering their performance on paper it’s totally worth it to try and never give up to find the best electric pencil sharpener for them. In the end, it’s an electric sharpener that gives less breakage and keeps the shavings inside the case. Keep in mind to use a wider angle when you sharpen your Prismacolor pencils as the long pointy lead breaks often.


X-ACTO has on offer for Prismacolor pencils the Power3 Electric Sharpener, and its classic design makes it ideal for any desk space.

This electric pencil sharpener has one of the most powerful motors for an electric pencil sharpener that performs great and is not very loud either.

The shavings receptacle is quite large and you can sharpen on and on, as the sharpener’s bin can stand up to even the heaviest workloads.

This sharpener comes in 3 different colors, so you can make it fit even better in your office/home/classroom decor: walnut wood grain, conservative black, or metallic putty finish.

The X-Acto hardened steel cutter give the sharpener high precision.

This sharpener fits all kinds of pencils, going from composite to hardwood pencils, giving a perfect tip to the sensitive Prismacolor pencils just as well.

The heavy motor is quiet, giving a clean, smooth cut, and gives pencils a longer life.

The Desert Song Electric Pencil Sharpener works great for Prismacolor pencils thanks to its heavy duty motor and the helical steel blades that have an auto-stop mechanism for the ideal tip.

It takes only 5 seconds to sharpen a pencil and you can select one from three kinds of sharpness: blunt, medium or sharp.

The sharpener comes with an AC power adapter, but you can also power it up with an USB cord or batteries.

This is a compact designed, easy to use and move around sharpener that works fast and quiet.

It works great for circular, triangle or hexagon pencils and does a great job for regular colored and Prismacolor pencils.

Since the helical stainless steel blade is very sharp, the sharpener has a safety protection function-when the shaving tray is taken out, the sharpener stops, even though it’s plugged in. It is advisable to remove the shavings bin slowly, so it doesn’t get broken.

The four rubber pads on the bottom give stability to the sharpener. This is a solid, long lasting device, with a modern design and a fair price.

Great for the intense use in a classroom and ensuring a nice, sharp pencil on your Prismacolor just as well, the Bostitch Antimicrobial QuietSharp Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener brings to the table many good features and only some minor flaws to consider.

The sharpener presents a SharpGlow illumination that informs you visually that your pencil is entirely sharpen.  When your pencil is sharpen, the sharpener automatically stops and it’s impossible not to notice the soft blue glow around the dial as a visual indicator.

The motor is strong and may work for quite some time without overheating due to the built-in thermal overload protection.

Another thing we really like on the sharpener is the removable cutter. The Bostitch’s patent-pending XHC cutter-cartridge technology gives a very long life and lets you change it without any tools.

The shaving’s tray is very large and it takes a good amount of time until you have to clean it.  The patented MagnaSafe tamper-proof safety switch is amazing since it basically shuts down the motor when you remove the tray.

We also like a lot the curved shape and its elegant brushed-metal case so the sharpener isn’t just practical, but also nicely looking. It’s also antimicrobial protected, which is so important in a classroom.

We appreciate the versatility of the sharpener and it’s 6-size selector dial isn’t just easy to use (one-handed), but also lets you use the sharpener for a great variety of size pencils.

The base is oversized for more stability and the suction-cup feet hold in place the sharpener while in use.

Let’s highlight the things we like the most:

  • The sharpener works fast and is built to last
  • It comes with tool free removable cutter cartridge
  • It presents a visual indicator so you know when the pencil is sharpen
  • It has many features that insure safe, easy use

We do have some minor cons to pinpoint:

  • It’s not very quiet
  • It has a rather large foot print

For its built, versatility, amazing features and nice appearance the sharpener is a great opportunity to become more efficient in your classroom.


Best Electric Sharpeners for Heavy Duty Use

When in the classroom and everybody is working, all of a sudden, a pencil top breaks and… The silence is all gone… The fuss begins and nobody pays attention anymore.

But, a heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener can save the day and the class isn’t disturbed anymore, not by a broken pencil anyway 🙂

A heavy duty sharpener can deal with all pencils, no matter what their sizes, as most of them offer various size selectors. The shaving bin is typically a lot larger than usual so you don’t have to clean it every 5 minutes. The blades are long lasting and they can sharpen the pencil tip evenly, just as you like it.


No matter how many, no matter how thick or fancy your pencils might be, the X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener handles them perfectly, giving them a perfect, well centered point.

Despite the hardened helical cutter, this is not a loud sharpener, keeping the classroom orderly and quiet throughout the entire process.

The sharpener stops once the pencil point gets the ideal sharpness, no matter if it’s a graphite or a colored pencil.

You don’t have to worry about the size of the pencils, since the sharpener features a multiple size pencil selector.

The shaving bin is very large, see-through and it’s easy to remove and clean.

The outer case is very durable and the suction cup feet give stability to the sharpener.

Coming with a 10 year warranty, this is the ideal electric pencil sharpener to use for the heavy duty jobs in any classroom or office.

Another great heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener is the Portable Fully Automatic Vertical Electric Pencil Sharpener with Heavy-Duty Performance.

This is a compact, well-built sharpener with multiple power options. You can use an USB, Batteries or AC Power.

The motor is powerful, the sharpener is lightweight, easy to move around, to use and easy to clean just as well.

This is a good looking sharpener, quieter than many other models and it takes up to 2 seconds to sharpen a new pencil.

There is a point adjuster on this sharpener so you can give blunt, medium or sharp points to your pencils.

The stainless steel helical blade gives the point an evenly distributed sharpness even on hard colored pencils.

Once the shaving tray is removed, the sharpener stops, so it is safe to use around children.

This is a long lasting, fairly priced electric pencil sharpener, designed for the heavy duty office workload.


The Top Commercial Sharpeners

When it comes to the heavy duty jobs in the commercial area, it’s more than obvious that a high-volume electric pencil sharpener is required.

Apart from the fact that the commercial electric pencil sharpener would have to have a large shavings tray, it’s also very important that this would have to be fast and able to sharpen a very large number of pencils in a short period of time. And, it figures that the motor has to be powerful and needs also an inside fan to prevent it from overheating.

The sharpener needs long lasting blades but also some mechanisms to prevent over-sharpening.

Even though great performance is expected from a commercial electric pencil sharpener, its size doesn’t need to go over the top, as it still has to fit an office, for instance.


One of the best products in this category is the X-Acto High-Volume Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener that has adjustable guide and all-steel blades.

The sharpener has an Auto-Reset feature when it’s cool and a thermal overload one that shuts off the motor before overheating.

The Pencil Saver feature also keeps away the risk of over-sharpening.

This is a sharpener for constant or industrial use with a powerful three-pronged plug motor.

It’s ideal for high volume locations and the internal cooling fan keeps it from overheating.

The sharpeners adjust to the various types and sizes of pencils and the durable, and the metal construction of the large shavings receptacle makes it durable and easy to maintain clean.

The non-skid bottom pads give stability to this sharpener that doesn’t need to be held while in use.

It sharpens a new pencil in less than 2 seconds and can sharpen hundreds of pencils without waiting for the motor to cool.

There is a 10 year warranty for this sharpener and it’s definitely made for continuous use.

Another great option for commercial use comes from Bostitch with the Superpro Glow Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener.

The dual cutter technology used in this sharpener makes the sharpening way faster, producing a new pointed tip in about 2 seconds.

The motor shuts off automatically to prevent over-sharpening and to also reduce the noise of the sharpener.

The Sharp glow illumination gives a visual indicator when the sharpening is done whereas the QuietSharp fan cools the motor for continuous quiet stall-free operation when in use.

The sharpener features a tool-free removable cutter cartridge that makes it easy to clean or replace, which is made from solid die cast metal.

When the shavings tray is removed, the MagnaSafe tamper shuts the motor down.

The 6 size selector dial is easy to use even with one hand and the sharpener works great even on colored pencils.

This is a long lasting sharpener due to its brushed metal case. Also, it has antimicrobial protection.

The oversized base with suction cup feet gives good stability to the sharpener. The fan cools the motor for continuous operation.

The SuperPro sharpener comes with a 7-year warranty that’s hard to beat.


Best Industrial Strength Sharpeners

Some electric sharpener users don’t just want a sharp pencil, but also want it precisely pointed, evenly, and in a fast way.

For this type of users, an industrial strength electric pencil sharpener is the perfect choice: it gives a precise, sharp point to any kind of pencils any time, expanding the overall life span of the pencils.

 When it comes to durability and precision of cuts, the Panasonic KP380-BK Classic Electric Pencil Sharpener is one of the best options out there.

This electric sharpener has a steel cutting wheel and an Auto-Stop feature that prevents pencils to over-sharpen, expanding their life span.

The suction cup feet give stability to the sharpener and the steel cutting wheel never needs sharpening, giving a perfect 16-degree point every time.

The large semi-transparent shavings receptacle lets you know when it’s time to remove it for cleaning.

The quiet, yet powerful sealed motor lasts for years and helps chip away all the imperfections on the tip of your pencil.

The X-ACTO ProX Electric Pencil Sharpener with SmartStop got our attention as it is a heavy duty sharpener that does an amazing job for commercial use, given its industrial strength.

The SmartStop feature lets you know when pencil is sharpened so that you can avoid over sharpening- the LED illumination lets you know when the sharpening is done.

The multi-hole pencil dial gives you the possibility to use this for several pencil sizes.

This is a heavy weight sharpener, that doesn’t move around.

Its motor is a workhorse that gives great precision and power to the sharpener and doesn’t warm up either.

Even though powerful, this sharpener is also quiet, giving high performance and reliability.

There are anti-microbial additives in the pencil selector and receptacle.

The shavings tray is huge so this is a commercial grade heavy duty sharpener in any situation.

The metal construction makes this sharpener a long lasting device that looks cool in any space.

The non-skid feet give the sharpener stability, and the SafeStart feature provides security, as the sharpener stops when the receptacle is removed.

The 10 year warranty and the good price make this sharpener a great choice when you’re looking for an industrial strength electric pencil sharpener.

Well-made and designed to take some falls and intense use, the Panasonic KP150BK Vertical Electric Pencil Sharpener is ready to impress when you’re looking for industrial power.

The sharpener comes with steel cutting wheel so you don’t ever have to sharpen it, no matter how much you’re using it. The sharpener gives a perfect 16-degree point every single time.

The list of features is long and includes an Auto-Stop function so that the sharpener shuts off automatically when your pencil is sharpen. This protects the motor against useless use, but also your pencil, as it doesn’t eat it up.

A red light also informs you visually when your pencil is sharpen, which is so handy. The automatic reset fuse completes the list of good features.

The shaving receptacle is semi-transparent and has a safety switch. You get to see when it’s time to clean it and the sharpener stops automatically as you remove the receptacle.

The sharpener is fast, well made and sure doesn’t skip a beat. The vertical design gives it a sleek appearance, but also saves you some space in your working area.

Here are our pros:

  • The sharpener has a vertical pencil drop design
  • It comes with steel cutting wheel and Auto-Stop
  • It’s well made and takes some falls
  • It doesn’t waste your pencil and is dependable

The cons aren’t many:

  • It’s not the cheapest sharpener out there
  • The shaving compartment isn’t that large

For the heavy-duty built, sleek design and amazing power, the sharpener completes the list of tools for any classroom/business.


Best Budget Electric Pencil Sharpeners

The market of electric pencil sharpeners has grown quite large and this has only brought benefits to the customers. The manufacturers are trying all the time to create better products, at a better price.

So, it’s no surprise that you can find nowadays not only sharpeners that give a perfect point, but also have many features that you’d normally meet in higher end sharpeners.

For less than $20, you can get a sharpener that may be powered up in three ways, or has a large shavings tray that makes it great for the heavy duty jobs. The motor may be of a good quality and the blades cut clean, managing to perform well for a pretty long time.

Top Quality Art Supplies created the Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener that fits great in any classroom, but can also be portable. The small compact design makes it easy to fit in any backpack, but the sharpener is still powerful enough to sharpen a great variety of pencils.

The sharpener is pretty quiet and gives a nice point in less than 5 seconds, regardless if your pencils are graphite #2 Pencils or Colored ones.

The removable clear see-through cover makes the cleaning of the shavings tray easy and fast.

The sharpener comes with a replacement blade that is built in – so no worries about having to return home to get it if it lets you down when you’re at school.

There are several power options for this sharpener: by an USB cable (40 inches long) or 4 x AA batteries.

In order to expand the life span of the sharpener, try not to forcefully push down the pencil into the sharpener- the lead might break inside the unit.

Keep the blade area clean of debris and if a pencil lead gets stuck inside the blade, it’s better to remove the blade and clean the sharpener. You can reattach the sharpening blade afterwards.

For just under $15, you can get yourself the Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener.

This has a compact design, is lightweight and efficient when working at home or at the office.

The sharpener fits in any space and its modern design twist makes any space look cool.

Even though it’s small, this electric pencil sharpener has a powerful motor and a large shavings tray that is easy to remove for cleaning.

The sharpener is safe to use around kids also since it stops once the shavings tray is removed.

There is high precision and clean sharpening with this sharpener that has a long cutter life also.

Working fast, in a not very loud way, this is a great low priced sharpener for home, office or classroom use.


So… what does it take for an electric pencil sharpener to be good?

As pencils come in various shapes (triangular, circular, hexagonal), most good electric sharpeners can handle all the various shapes while some are specially designed for a specific shape.

When it comes to the sharpening angles, it’s good to know that pencil tips with larger angles show more lead and give the possibility to use the pencil more time before having to sharpen it again. But, a pencil tip with a smaller angle is sturdier and less prone to lead breakage.

As for the lead point, it’s all a matter of taste also: some work better with extremely pointy tips, while some can focus better with blunt, rounded tips.

As much as you’d want for your electric sharpener to sharpen well, keep in mind that it’s also gentle on the pencil. Some sharpeners are too harsh on wood or lead and ruin the pencil in the end.

Last, but not least, take a look at the mess it leaves behind… A good sharpener doesn’t leave residue around it and maintains a clean look on your pencil. 

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