Best Gel Pens for Coloring

One of the world’s famous poets, Rabindranath Tagore had once quoted in his work, Stray Birds that colors brought happiness into his life similarly as the vibrant skies that will not bring any calamities into his life in the form of rain and storm. This symbolized the importance of colors in everyone’s life. Coloring can be a major stress reliever for people of all ages in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Gel pens are an amazing tool for coloring and designing. This is because gel pens are now built to have a large range of colors and tones from various styles. There are glitter, neon, metallic and many other unique forms of colorful gel inks. Gel pens are available with fine and broad tips. The fine tipped gel pens are ideal for designing and filling in narrow shapes with vibrant colors. The thick and broad tips make it easy to color in expansive spaces. Here are 10 of the best gel pens for coloring to help you select the one brand that will suit your desire.

Top 10 Gel Pens for Coloring Reviews

1. Shuttle Art 120 Coloring Gel Pens

The 120 Coloring Gel Pens set from Shuttle Art is one of the most popular gel pens for coloring within the market. Our market surveys reveal that these gel pens have won over many artists because of their superb aesthetic appeal and high quality maintenance. A group of art teachers and I tried out the gel pens and found them to be highly suitable for coloring.

The art teachers and I found the colors included within Shuttle Art’s 120 Coloring Gel Pens set to be intensely admirable. The reason for this is that the gel pens within the set are in different shades of vibrant and gleaming styles. The 120 colors within the set are not identical at all to each other even though some of the shades are quite close to some degrees. There are nine styles of colors within the set consisting of neon, metallic, glitter, swirl, neon glitter, pastel, magical, standard and unique. The Unique style and the Magical style of gel pens caught our eyes the most. As the manufacturers had stated, they were not similar to any other brands of gel pens at all. The gel pens we liked the most and found to be unique were the rainbow ones and the swirly ones as they are multi-colored.

An issue with this set of gel pens that we discovered was that their performance was not consistent. The gel pens from one pack performed exceptionally in all criteria while some of the gel pens from the other packs were either too scratchy, were not entirely filled with ink or did not have ink properly flowing out at all. Still, the customer service provided by Shuttle Art was remarkable. The packs of gel pens with the flaws were replaced swiftly with new perfectly packaged ones.


  • Vibrant colors
  • 9 different styles of gel pens
  • Rare colors and styles included
  • Smooth flowing ink
  • Ideal for coloring in relatively small and medium sized spaces
  • Convenient packaging for storing and carrying
  • Strong, 3-5mm thick tips
  • Lasts relatively long
  • Made with acid free and non-toxic materials
  • Remarkable customer care service
  • No pens were identical


  • Slightly similar shades present
  • Inconsistencies in product packaging in a few cases

2. Super Doodle Glitter Gel Pens

The Glitter Gel Pens from Super Doodle are one of the newest brands in the market to have gained extensive popularity within a relatively small time frame. This is because the gel pens produce bright colors and perform supremely. Some of my colleagues and I tried out the gel pens along with some of the kids in our families. Most of us were pleased with the results.

We were delighted with the brightness, shades, tones and the sparkles of the colorful gel pens. The large range of colors proved to be very helpful for all artists since there was no repetition of the same colors. The slight variation in the shades of colors, however similar they appeared to be, actually was admired by the professionals since this helped them produce the colors of any picture in a realistic manner. On top of all this, all of us users felt largely comforted by the soft and smooth grips on the barrels of the pens. The bold tips were very convenient as it allows ink to flow out smoothly without any scratch.

One of the major problems with this product is that the amount of ink within each of the pens is quite low. One of my colleagues was coloring in an intricately designed A4 picture for work purpose. Some of the most used shades of colors were on the verge of running out before the entire page could be completed. Fortunately, he realized that the pens were almost running out beforehand, therefore, he pressed lighter on the paper to retain enough ink so that the work could be completed. It is very important for a professional artist to maintain consistency in his or her artwork. Their work requires proper aesthetic appeal and relevance to the context of any picture.


  • 80 pieces of bright glitter colors
  • 2 styles of glitter colors included – Standard glitter and neon glitter
  • One of each color without any duplicates
  • Acid-free, non-toxic elements used in manufacturing
  • Latex-free grip for comfort in holding
  • Smooth and free flowing ink
  • Bleed-proof ink
  • Convenience in travelling easily because of foldable case
  • Ideal for usage by all age groups
  • Excellent customer service


  • Low quantity of ink
  • Inconsistency in quality maintenance
  • No refills included

3. Reaeon Gel Pens Coloring Set

The Gel Pens Coloring Set from Raeon are one of the top selling gel pens for coloring within the category of art supplies. The main reason for this is that the set of gel pens makes coloring fun and effortless. I tested this product out at my cousin’s child care center. All the adult staff members and the 6-10 year old kids enjoyed using these gel pens.

We all found the gel pens to be arranged neatly in different styles of dazzling colors. The styles included are metallic, neon, glitter, swirl, classic, pastel and fluro glitter. The glitter gel pens contained a lot of sparkles. The neon styled pens were very noticeable because of their extensive boldness. The pastels were able to fulfill the rich, lighter shades that could set smoothly onto the paper. The metallic colors were extremely shiny and appealing to the eye. The fluorescent colors were rich and bold with perfect coverage of all areas. The rainbow styled pens with swirling combinations of colors were truly unique as they allow you to explore all colors carefully with planning. The best part of owning Reaeon’s gel pens is that the set includes refills of all the included colors so that you can use them for a significantly long time.

Some of the minor issues experienced while using these gel pens involved their poor casing, ink leaks and the difficulty in identifying refills with the exact pens. The casing of the gel pens appeared to be very flimsy and thin. A major portion of the people testing the products found one or two pens at least leaking inside the package. Some of the people experienced pens leaking out as they were being used. All of the users agree that there should be coding or labeling so that the refills could be matched exactly to their identical gel pens.  


  • 100 gel pens of 7 different styles along with 100 matching refills
  • 20% extra ink added to this model
  • Durable because of extra ink and refills
  • Highly functioning tips of 0.8-1mm
  • Superfluous and smooth gliding ink flow
  • Top graded ink that does not skip, smear or fade
  • Non-toxic and acid-free so safe for all ages
  • Free replacement or full refund at manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Washable ink


  • Fragile casing
  • Vulnerable to leaking ink
  • Difficult to identify refills with pens since no labels are provided
  • Inconsistencies in product quality in rare cases

4. InkCraft 320 Piece Gel Pen Set

The 320 Piece Gel Pen Set from InkCraft is one of the best gel pens for coloring in the present market. The most delightful reason for this is that for a relatively low price, the set of gel pens contain 320 pieces of art stationery in total. The young and mature members of my art club tried the pens out and felt quite impressed with the performance of the pens.

My fellow art club members and I loved the large range of colors within the set of gel pens. A total of 160 exceptional colors of different styles is included. There are 8 different styles of gel pens within the set. The rainbow colors and the translucent watercolors are the ones truly worth mentioning as we all were mesmerized by the glow and brightness of the combinations of various colors together. The other 160 refills are highly appreciable because they help the pens last twice as long. What’s more is that the tips of the gel pens are designed with strict precision for supreme flow and smoothness. This makes coloring in easy as all areas of a picture can be uniformly covered.

Most of us users found little trouble in using the gel pens set. One of the disappointments we had experienced was with the gel pens not exactly being diverse in shades. On top of this, the pens were difficult to match with their refills. The shades being almost entirely similar especially between the different styles made it difficult to distinguish the refills. For instance, the fluorescent red appeared almost the same as the neon red. Another weakness within this product was found to be the long time it takes for the ink to be entirely dry on paper. This makes it likely for the ink to be vulnerable to smudging. We recommend using the gel pens at a slow pace in order to avoid this.


  • 8 varying styles of 160 pens (Glitter, Pastel, Fluorescent, Metallic, Neon, Watercolor, Standard and Rainbow Colors) with 160 matching refills
  • Twice as much longevity
  • Free from acid and non-toxic
  • Premium designed fine tip to provide comfort and effortless usage
  • Easy to use


  • Shades are not noticeably diverse amongst all styles
  • Difficult to match refills with gel pens
  • Takes a long time to dry

5. Color Technik Glitter Gel Pens

The Glitter Gel Pens from Color Technik are one of the best gel pens for coloring that you can find within the current market. These glitter gel pens are known to be one of the best-selling gel pens within the market because they offer several shades of vibrant colors. Some professionals in our creative department as well as I tested these gel pens out and were highly pleased with the outputs produced.

One of the best features of the Color Technik Glitter Gel Pens is that they contain exactly 30 unique shades of colors. The 30 different shades consist of 2 different styles which are glitter neon and glitter. The colors had dazzled us with their large amounts of gleaming sparkles. Another superb characteristic of these gel pens that we adored is the free flow of ink over large areas. We were able to cover large areas within our pictures uniformly. Furthermore, the pens appeared to last far longer than most other common brands without even any included refill. We felt comfort when using the pens because of the soft relieving grips to reduce any pressure upon the tips of our fingers.

A problem that we had experienced with this product was that it was quite difficult for the most of us to manage the flow of ink initially. Therefore, we suggest that you start off by lightly pressing the pens upon a paper that does not contain your final artwork. You will then see that the ink is flowing more freely. After that, try to maintain a medium range of pressure. Applying too much pressure had often resulted in huge flows of ink that ended up as blobs. Another issue we had was with coloring in narrow spaces of an image. The ink flow was a little too much and the tip is quite thick being 1.0mm. For coloring in narrow spaces, it is best to use 0.5mm tips.


  • 30 unique shades
  • 2 dazzling styles of glitter
  • Comfortable grip for ease in handling
  • Free from acid, lead and toxic substances
  • 365 days refund period if not satisfied
  • Suitable for coloring in large areas
  • Long term durability
  • Uniform area coverage


  • Difficult to manage ink flow
  • Difficult to color in narrow spaces properly
  • Possible formations of blobs because of too much ink flow
  • Tips too thick

6. Inspired Art Gel Pen Set

The Gel Pen Set from Inspired Art contains some of the top quality gel pens for coloring, according to most users within the market. This is because these gel pens are designed to create appealing designs in the most efficient way. My relatives and I including the children, tested this product out. We were quite impressed.

The gel pens come beautifully arranged in a smart box. The smart box consists of trays in order to allow you to keep the pens well secured and uncluttered. My relatives and I were delighted that the 100 gel pens were formulated with a few basic colors but in various attractive styles. At a fair price, we were glad to find that the internal tube ink cylinders are thicker than most other brands of gel pens. The ink cylinders are Extra-Extra-Large (XXL) sized so you get more than twice the amount of ink you would usually get. This makes your investment a true worth for the money and performance.

One of the weaknesses, unfortunately with this product is that the plastic body of the gel pens is fragile. This is why it is suggested that you take special care while handling them and store them neatly in the included box. Another issue is that the gel pens are suitable for only intricate designs. You will find it difficult to color in narrow areas of a picture. You will also have trouble distinguishing the styles of the gel pens as the colors within each style are quite basic and similar. We would find it more convenient if the gel pens came labeled with their styles of pastel, neon, metallic, glitter or neon glitter. 


  • 100 bright gel pens in 5 differing styles
  • Easy gliding, smooth ink flow
  • 0.8mm to 1mm fine tips for designing within intricate spaces
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Lasts long with 60% greater ink content
  • Arrives within a smart box – Convenient for storage
  • Full money-back guarantee with no hassle
  • Reasonable in price


  • Vulnerable to leakage because of fragile plastic body
  • Not suitable for coloring in large spaces within pictures
  • Difficult to identify the colors according to their styles
  • Inconsistency in quality of some products

7. Art-n-Fly Art Gel Pens Set

The Art Gel Pens Set from Art-n-Fly is one of the most excellent gel pens one could possess for coloring. They are considered to be one of the best gel pens for coloring because they provide good value at an affordable price. My art club and I tested the gel pens out and found that they are incredibly easy to use.

We were delighted to find that the 40 colors within the gel pens set are absolutely gorgeous. Moreover, the gel pens came at a variety of styles including glitter, neon and metallic. We were impressed that rare colors like white, silver, black and gold are also included. These gel pens were able to amazingly support coloring in within complex areas of an image as well as performing fine designs within images. The tips flow smoothly and the ink does not bleed through the paper or smudge at all. Furthermore, Art-n-Fly is an excellent company with superior customer service.

My fellow club members and I were quite disappointed that the cylindrical holder within which the gel pens arrive is not strongly manufactured. The holder is flimsy and only suitable if placed at a fixed position. The constant movement of the holder, for example travelling with it, may result in the holder falling apart. The gel pens may suffer a damage in such situations. In addition to this issue, we had trouble coloring in broad spaces within images. We recommend you to use this set of gel pens for intricate spaces. The gel pens also did not appear to last very long. 3 red colors each of different styles were completely used up after coloring in 25 small postcards.


  • 40 gorgeous colors of various styles including unique shades
  • Dries swiftly after application
  • Smooth flowing tip
  • Fine pointed tip, ideal for coloring in narrow spaces
  • Bleed resistant and smudge proof
  • Money-back guarantee with no hassle
  • Superior customer service
  • True value for price


  • Flimsy cylindrical holder
  • Not suitable for coloring in broad spaces
  • Low amount of ink per pen
  • Difficult to distinguish colors of each style
  • Not very durable

8. Smart Color Art 80 Colors Gel Pens Set

The 80 Colors Gel Pens Set on sale by Smart Color Art is one of the highest selling gel pens for coloring. The users within the market mostly find this set of gel pens to be easily adaptable to various styles and techniques that affect the quality of coloring. Some professional artists within my social groups tried the gels pens out. Overall, they were quite amazed by the amazing characteristics of the product.

The artists were very happy that the gel pens within the Smart Color Art 80 Colors Gel Pens Set were easy to use for coloring in different images. They perceived the colors to be able to blend well. The glitter style of gel pens is highly praiseworthy because they are able to retain their sparkle even when several layers of colors are added. There are five different styles of colors that are highly pleasant to the eye. There are several vivacious hues of styles consisting of glitter, milky, metallic, neon, standard and pastel. Both novice and proficient artists within the field found comfort in using the gel pens as they were quickly able to adjust their pressure level while coloring, in relation to the steady but smooth flow of the pens.  

The artists were disappointed that this set of gel pens appeared to have more pens of the glitter range in comparison to the number of gel pens within each of the other styles. Also, this set of gel pens were able to entice glitter gel pen lovers more as the other styles like the pastel and the neon styles of colors were not too visible on dark backgrounds. The ink within the pens also did not appear to be enough in amount. In one instance, one of the users ran out of the brown gel pen while coloring in an image of a large tree on a regular sized paper.


  • 80 vibrant shades of colors in 6 different styles
  • Suitable to be used by both children and adults because of PVC packing
  • Manufactured without any lead, toxic and acid content
  • Environment friendly
  • High quality, sturdy tip of 0.8mm
  • Smooth and steady flow of ink
  • Extremely low in price
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to layer colors


  • More glitter gel pens than of other styles
  • Glitter gel pens were most visible
  • Not all styles were visible in black backgrounds
  • Ink does not last long

9. AmazaPens Gel Coloring Pens

The Gel Coloring Pens manufactured but AmazaPens is one of the most impressive sets of gel pens available within the market for coloring. The reason why these gel pens are considered to be one of the best gel pens for coloring is that they contain 2.5 times more ink so they last the longest within the industry. Some well-known illustrators and I tried these gel pens out. Some children within our household also tried out the pens. We all felt that these gel pens were worth the price as it appeared to perform optimally in the majority of the criteria.

Everyone who had tested out the gel pens was incredibly appreciative about the ‘Maxi Ink’ feature. This feature fulfills more than the lack of refills which buyers usually prefer to be included. You will find that the ink will last more than twice as long as most ordinary gel pens within the market. This makes the price of the set of gel pens truly a bargain. What was more exciting for us was that the tip was appropriate for both intricate and broad spaces within the images to be colored in. The reason for this is that the tip is 1.0mm so it is not too fine neither too thick.    

Some of the illustrators were dismayed that the colors of the gel pens were not too desirable. The dark and light hues of the colors appeared to be not too distinguishable. For instance, the dark blue and the light blue pens were mostly criticized because of little contrast between the two shades. Another challenge was to choose the shades of colors accurately. This was because we had found that the shades did not complement their external appearances accurately. For example, the light red appeared more salmon pink and the green appeared to be more teal.


  • 40 gel pens of different shades and styles including glitter, bold, fluro-glitter and crisp
  • Unique shades like shimmery browns included
  • Smooth gliding flow of ink
  • Bleed-resistant, quick-drying ink for preventing smudging, blotting and skipping
  • Premium medium 1.0mm point ink tip for flexibility in coloring
  • ‘Maxi Ink’ feature
  • Longest lasting ink
  • Low in price
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Glitter-free, non-toxic and acid free
  • Latex-free grips on pen barrels for comfort
  • Top graded customer service


  • Not labeled in terms of shade and style
  • The external body and the ink color does not always match
  • Variation of shades are not noticeable
  • Original single shades of colors are difficult to find

10. Two Bunnies 12-Pack Glitter Gel Pens

The 12-Pack Glitter Gel Pens in offer by Two Bunnies is one of the most favored gel pens for coloring within the present market. The main reason why these gel pens are considered to be one of the best gel pens for coloring is because they work flawlessly. My colleagues and I tested these gel pens out. We found that they are a superb set of tools to utilize for coloring in images.

My colleagues and I were incredibly satisfied with the performance of the gel pens. The ink in them flowed out freely onto the paper, in a smooth manner. The ink was perfect to use for layering and blending various colors in desirably. It was a pleasure to have true shades of many colors, particularly the common colors like red, blue, green and yellow. The 1mm sturdy tip is perfect for both coloring in constrained as well as broad areas of a picture.

My colleagues and I were a little disappointed with the durability of the gel pens. Considering the fact that the gel pens cost quite a lot despite being very few in numbers, we expected the high price to provide longer lasting usage. Another issue we had experienced with these gel pens was that its structure appeared too flimsy. Most of us agree that these gel pens are not suitable for rough handling so they will probably not last too long if used by children.


  • 12 glitter gel pens of differing colors and true tones
  • 1mm fine tip works well for coloring and designing within intricate and broad areas
  • Free flowing ink working smoothly
  • Ideal for layering and blending different colors
  • Consists of perfect amount of sparkling glitter
  • Washable
  • Dries quickly to prevent smearing
  • Full refund if not satisfied
  • Top grade customer service


  • Does not last long
  • Limited amount of ink
  • Poorly structured, flimsy body
  • Vulnerable to becoming damaged if not careful
  • Expensive


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