Best Heat Press Machine of 2017

There are countless heat press machines on the market and that may be overwhelming for many customers who are out searching for the best one for their needs. That is why I decided to write this selection of products, in order to help you figure out which is the best heat press machine for your needs without having to loose time on research.

Since the aim of this review is to save you time and ultimately money, I did not include a huge variety of press machines, just the ones that I found to be the best in terms of value for the money and quality.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press, Black

If you want value for the money and a quality you probably can’t find a better heat press machine than this one. The highest temperature it can reach is 500F and this is more than enough for most semi-professional and even professional projects from T-Shirts to all sorts of fabrics and materials.

It features adjustable pressure for various materials so you won’t burn an item or not receive the desired results. The working surface is 15 X 15 inches which is reasonable although it can limit you if you plan on working on bigger projects.

You can also set a stopwatch and when it is done you will be announced by a series of annoying beeps  🙂

The closing system is using a clamp and it is fairly easy to use, although I found that it is not the best system in the long run. The closing system that I prefer the most is present on the heat press below.

Mophorn Digital Swing Away Rigid Steel Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts, 12×10 Inch

You probably can’t beat the price on this heating press and at the same time deliver the same quality.

In order for you to understand why I like the closing system on this press the most, I need to explain it in greater detail. With the Swing Away system not only that you can fit a T-Shirt easier on the press but you will also better avoid getting burnt while trying to fit the T-Shirt or the fabric. With the standard clamp system, this is not possible as long as the press sits on a table and the space between the working area and the table is too small to do all these operations. That is why I definitely prefer a swing away system over a classic clamp system.

The working table is however, smaller at 12 X 10 inches, which is more suitable for home and semi-professional projects. This is a press machine suitable for a large variety of materials, from cotton to ceramic, glass and even metal.

That’s pretty much it, I would definitely recommend this press if you want greater flexibility and ease of use.

Hotronix Fusion 16″x20″ Heat Press Swing-Away MADE IN USA – Heat Transfer Press Machine Built To Last!

Let’s get one thing straight. The heat press machines above are made in China. They do offer a great value for the money, but we all know when the price is so low there will always be some quality concerns here and there. Hotronix, however, is a brand that manufactures their machines in the USA. The quality of this machine cannot be easily matched by any other chinese brands. So if you want professional results and quality then you should definitely give this machine a look.

I like the number of features and the customizability of those. It actually has an internal storage that stores all previous projects and records all the pressing cycles. It also has digital timing along with temperature and pressure indicators helpful for those working with a large variety of materials and fabrics.

The 16 x 20 inches working table has an aluminum frame and the heat retention system works very well thanks to the 3/4 inches platens. The swing away closing system is very good offering great flexibility and ease of use at all times. This is a perfect press machine for T-Shirts and clothing because it comes with plenty space underneath the table and a dedicated frame. If clothing is not your main business you can check other versions with a clamp closing system below.

I would say that this is indeed the best heat press machine in the price range. It is reliable, high-quality and it delivers great results. If you have the money then I would definitely recommend to invest them in this machine or the other USA made machines from bellow, because the quality is way better.

Gecko T-Shirt Sublimation GK100 Heat Transfer Press Machine, 15 x 15-Inch, Black

This Gecko heat press is special for many reasons. First and foremost it is more compact than other machines because it only encapsulates the necessary parts without any fancy yet unnecessary features. It comes with a working table of 15 x 15 inches and a very useful non-stick sheet.

While the closing mechanism is the same as on most other heat press machines I like how they designed it. The materials used are better than the competition, I would say and the handle offers a great grip for easy open and close of the lid.

The highest temperature it can reach is 435 F and that is enough for most projects / materials, although I would have liked to see at least 500F as on the previous model.

Again, this might not be the absolute best heat press machine money can buy, but considering the price range, the value for the money and the quality of this unit, I would say it definitely deserves a place in my selection.

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STAHLS HOTRONIX Auto-Open Clam 16×20 Heat Press

Yet another Hotronix machine this one does not feature a swing away closing system, although the standard is better implemented than what I have seen on cheaper machines. I say this mainly because it has a very clever auto-open clam so you won’t have to sit near the press at all times.

This may not be the best heat press machine for T-Shirts and other clothes because it does not have dedicated space underneath and various other accessories to help in this process. I would rather use it for fabrics that are not finished products and other industrial applications. Although if you have experience in this domain you will definitely be able to use it for clothes and T-Shirts.

It can reach temperatures as high as 400 F and it comes with all the needed features like automatic timer, temperature and pressure controller, rubber bottom pad and on top of that, a smart latch system which allows you to change the platter in less than 20 seconds.

Hotronix always made machines worth investing into. This is yet another example of a high-quality machine made in the USA that can deliver outstanding results when used properly.

Hix Heat Press SwingMan 20E: 16″x20″ Swing-Away – MADE IN USA – Heat Transfer Press Machine Built To Last!

This is a machine and a brand that I like very much. Despite the fact that it is of very good quality and can be used in professional applications, it also has a beautiful design which is pleasant to the eye. Other brands only concentrate on the pragmatic features and on the end results, however, Hix seems to have invested in the design department quite a lot. The design is also simplistic and anything by confusing.

The swing away closing system is simple and intuitive and more importantly, it is better than a standard clamp system. I previously wrote why I think this is true.

All in all, if you want an America press and you are willing to put more money at stake, you can make a very smart choice with this heat press machine.

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