Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books had set the foundation of education back when we were toddlers. We were taught to recognize the alphabets, colors and shapes as well as many valuable topics during the initial stages of our lives before the hardcore education routine began. When it comes to art and philosophy, the quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” does not prove to be valid. This is because our involvement with immaculate art and beauty remains significant even as an adult.

Being involved in art is ever so important as an adult as it was back when you were a young toddler. This is because relaxation is vital as a constantly functioning adult. An art therapist, Drena Fagen considers coloring in adult coloring books “to be therapeutic”. There are a range of art supplies available if you are looking into becoming a colorist at leisure times. In my opinion, the markers are the boldest tool to utilize for strong expressions of color.

Find the Best Markers for Coloring Books

The best markers should usually be those that are:

  • Bleedproof so that the color does not ruin pictures on double sided pages of the coloring books
  • Able to cover intricate as well as enlarged areas evenly with alternatively sized tips or nibs
  • Able to produce extensive shades of velvety and vibrant colors
  • Cost effective being refillable or with replaceable nibs
  • High in quality, lasting for long periods of time

To highlight the best markers for adult coloring books available within the present market, here are detailed reviews of 10 of the best markers for adult coloring books.

1. STA Metallic Markers Set

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The Metallic Markers Set by STA is one of the best markers for adult coloring books. My coworkers and I tried out this set of metallic markers and found them to be one of the best markers in the market because of the exceeding brightness of the colors and their unique metallic styles.

This set of metallic markers arrive in 10 metallic colors that include purple, gold, brown, silver, pink, light green, standard green, white, black and blue. The metallic glare from the vibrant variety of colors will make the pages of your adult coloring book extremely attractive to the eye. The high quality metallic colors make this product unique and generally popular within the market. You will be delighted to know that we found the colors released to be permanent and waterproof. What’s more is that the colors did not bleed through any of the pages of the adult coloring books that we were using.

STA Metallic Markers Set were not preferred by some of my coworkers who had tried out the product with the rest of us. One of the main reasons why they were not satisfied with this product was because the markers did not have a fine, sharp tip. This made it difficult to color inside the intricate areas of the pictures within the adult coloring books. This had caused the colored pictures to look messy and obliterated. Another reason why this product did not please some of my coworkers was that the marker colors were not highly adaptable to colored papers like black-colored pages of the coloring book. They seemed the most suitable for producing vibrant shades within white papers. A coworker of mine advised not to be too rash with judging the light intensity of the colors. He had observed that the colors brighten up more after they dry within the pages.


  • Vibrant metallic shades of colors
  • Permanent
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Bleed-proof
  • Variety of shades
  • Guarantee period available by STA


  • Does not have a fine, sharp tip
  • Takes some time to dry and become fully vibrant in color
  • Inconsistent quality may be experienced in certain situations

2. Shuttle Art Markers Pen Set

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The Markers Pen Set from Shuttle Art is one of the most popular markers for adult coloring books within the present market. The reason why the product has gained so much popularity is mainly because it features dual tips. My colleagues and I used this product for a few weeks and found the product to be high in quality, providing true value at an affordable price.

My colleagues and I were the most impressed with the dual tip feature of this product similarly as most of its users within the market. In our opinion, the dual tips provided us the opportunity to color perfectly within all the spaces of the pictures within the adult coloring books. The markers have a fine, sharp 0.4mm tip on one end and a flexible, jumbo brush tip made of fiber bristles on the opposite end. The fine tip will allow you to color perfectly within the intricate spaces of a picture within the coloring book. On the other hand, the brush tip will allow you to color effortlessly within enlarged areas with bold or medium strokes.

One of the issues which some of my observant coworkers had identified was that the fineliner tips did not appear to release a significant amount of color. This caused the colors that were released from it to be quite light in intensity and not as vibrant as the colors released from the brush tip. Upon exerting a greater effort to produce more color from the fine tips, the paper became quite lumpy and frayed. The issue was not too much of a deal with the darker colors however, the lighter colors did leave these coworkers of mine dissatisfied with the product.


  • Convenient dual tips for fine and medium or bold strokes
  • Somewhat blendable
  • Odorless
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • Color coordinated caps almost accurately relevant to colors produced
  • Satisfaction guarantee period valid with full refund
  • Good post purchase customer service
  • Vast variety of 56 shades
  • Affordable pricing


  • Fine tips don’t produce colors of strong intensity
  • Not bleed-resistant
  • Not as highly blendable as other water-based ink markers
  • Displays maximum intensities of color only after completely drying

3. Bianyo Fineliner Art Markers Set

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The Fineliner Art Markers Set from Bianyo are one of the best markers available within the current market for adult coloring books. These sets of markers are people’s favorite because of the huge variety of colors included in each. Each set contains 48 unique, lively colors to satisfy every adult colorist. My colleagues and I used this product for a few weeks and the results we had gotten were sheer proof of the product’s high grade performance.

My colleagues and I were very fond of the fine micro-line tips. These streamlined, sharp 0.4mm tips are perfect for doing detailed designing and for coloring into the narrow spaces of any picture of the adult coloring books. The water-based ink flowed very smoothly onto the paper and could easily be blended desirably. We also found that the colors did not bleed through the pages of the adult coloring books. In addition, the triangle PP barrel provides the convenience in preventing them from rolling away from the high surfaces. This prevents the markers from being damaged while ensuring that they last longer. Another feature of convenience is the protective package the product arrives in. Thus, we found the product to be convenient and durable as well.

The biggest issue with the Bianyo Fineliner Art Markers Set is that the lids of the markers are generally not secure enough. On several occasions, the colors had leaked out of the markers. A great deal of a mess was caused as the lids are difficult to close entirely if you are not too careful. The lids require an extra effort to be closed properly. My colleagues and I advise users to be more alert so that maximum pressure is exerted onto the lids for preventing leaks.


  • A variety of 48 colors
  • Exclusive, lively colors
  • Fine and sharp tips of 0.4mm
  • Non-toxic, liquid water based ink
  • Withheld in a protective case
  • Dries quickly
  • Odorless
  • Bleedproof
  • Free flowing and smooth ink
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting color
  • Easy to blend
  • Smudge-proof
  • Triangular shaped grip and PP barrel for protection and comfy grip
  • Satisfaction guarantee with 100% refund


  • Fragile lids
  • Lids are difficult to close securely
  • Vulnerable to leaking

4. Platinum Art Supplies Fineliner Color Point Marker Set

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The Fineliner Color Point Marker Set from Platinum Art Supplies is one of the best quality markers for adult coloring books because of the smooth functioning, fine ink release and the convenient packaging. My friends and I used these sets of markers for a few weeks and found that the markers perform optimally with convenience.

The Platinum Art Supplies Fineliner Color Point Marker Set produced bright colors on the pages of the adult coloring books and helped us color in some of the narrowest, hard-to-reach spaces of the pictures on our coloring pages. The markers came in pairs of 30 exceptional colors. The tips of the markers are extremely sharp allowing detailed coloring and designing that supported my friends and me as the resulting colored pictures turned out to be flawless. We do, however, advise that care is taken while using the markers because of the extensive sharpness of the markers. A few of my friends were disappointed that heavy pressure and rash coloring had caused the pages to tear and bleed through. We advise that you use the markers softly with the smooth liquid flow that runs with the surface of the page. We also advise that you take your time to slowly fill in the spaces of the picture as being hasty can leave blank spaces in between the colored parts of a picture.

We were extremely delighted with the smoothness of the colors because the markers featured high-end alloy based point enclosures. This had helped my friends and me in producing straight and smooth strokes, particularly if you attempt to use templates, rulers and stencils with the markers for designing and coloring. Moreover, we were impressed that the markers arrived in a convenient and protective casing made from aluminum. This supported the comfort of storing and organizing the markers while also ensuring long term durability.

One of the most annoying parts of this product was found to be the label. My friends were excited to see the label displaying 60 markers in a large, readable font but were disappointed to have the label mentioning that the set contains 30 different colors in small font. This meant that there were actually two of each of the 30 colors within the set. Furthermore, most of my friends did not find the colors to be highly vibrant. The ink also ran out quicker than expected. Some of the products received by my friends were defective but their opinions became less negative when they were assisted enthusiastically by the top quality customer care service.


  • 30 pairs of unique colored markers
  • Compact, heavy-duty casing of double layers
  • Straight strokes because of high length alloy based point field
  • Non-toxic ink that is free from acid
  • Needle-sharp, fine tips
  • Bleedproof ink
  • Fast-drying, smudge-free ink
  • Ideal for intricate designing and coloring
  • Finest customer care service


  • A limited range of colors
  • Label can be misleading if not read carefully
  • Does not work with efficiency
  • Not too vibrant
  • Delicate body
  • Defective on few occasions
  • Ink does not last long

5. Soucolor Art Markers

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The Art Markers by Soucolor are highly regarded as one of the best markers for adult coloring books in the present market because of the large array of 60 unique shades of colors that the markers produce. My coworkers and I tested the performance of the products over a couple of weeks and discovered that they do provide extensive value for the economical price in which it is available in the market.

My colleagues and I were thrilled to have a total of 60 exclusive, rich colors at an economical price. Although some of the colors appear to be same in intensity at the first glance, the colors actually do differ by a recognizable difference in hue. Furthermore, my coworkers and I were highly pleased to have the dual tip size function that accommodated us perfectly with a 0.4mm fine tip as well as a 1-2mm brush tip. Therefore, we were able to effortlessly shade and color through small and large spaces of the pictures within our adult coloring books. On top of this, the markers arrived in a packaging that assisted us with conveniently storing and protecting the markers from damage.

One of the main inconsistencies with the Soucolor Art Markers that my coworkers experienced was too much ink flow that results to high saturation. This high saturation often led to ink bleeds through the pages and blotchy, messy splats of colors. We suggest proper control in using the markers to decrease saturation and heavy layering. With proper control of saturation, we had observed that minimum saturation can be achieved. There were some leaks of colors due to the overflowing inks as well but this did not decrease the quality of the color produced from the markers at any instance.


  • Fiber tips performing dual functions of 1-2mm brush tip and 0.4mm fine tip
  • 60 exclusive lush colors
  • Easy to differentiate shades of colors with accurate lid colors
  • Liquid ink that is water based, free from acid and non-toxic
  • Full replacement or refund available if not satisfied
  • Good value at economical price
  • Portable and easy-to-store packaging


  • Requires expertise for accurate control when using
  • Large release of ink
  • Not suitable for heavy layering technique
  • Vulnerable to leaking
  • Vulnerable to ink-bleeds, fraying and blotting
  • Inconsistency regarding quality in product range

6. Bianyo Assorted Color Premium Art Markers

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The Assorted Color Premium Art Markers from Bianyo are one of the most popular markers for adult coloring books within the current market. The prime reason for its popularity is that it serves dual functions at a reasonable price. My colleagues and I tried out these markers and found them to be highly effective and efficient when in usage.

Most of my colleagues and I were highly satisfied with the two different tips attached on each of the ends of a marker. We found that one of the tips is a 2mm brush tip that is of medium strength in flexibility. This tip is ideal for coloring in the large spaces of an image within your adult coloring book. On the other hand, the tip at the other end is a fine, firm point tip of 0.8mm that will allow you to design the images in detail and color in the small, narrow locations of an image precisely. Another feature of this set of markers is that it comes in 12 distinct, eye-catching colors of blue, green, yellow, red, black, orange, brown, dark pink, light green, light blue, violet and light pink.

Some of my colleagues were disappointed to find that the longevity of the markers is not too great. The markers in their sets began to dry after the first couple of uses. The color release had begun to decrease as the tips had begun to swiftly harden and dry up. What was even more disheartening for them was that the marker tips had begun to fray apart gradually after being used a couple of times. This led to imperfect strokes of colors and difficulties in keeping the colors within the boundary of the images on the pages of the adult coloring book.


  • 12 exclusive, attractive colors
  • Dual performance with brush tip and fine tip
  • Water based, bleedproof and non-toxic ink
  • Self-cleaning
  • PP barrel and lid increase longevity
  • Full refund or money-back guarantee without hassle if not satisfied
  • Reasonable in price


  • Not durable
  • Fragile, fraying tips
  • Marker tips dry and harden quickly
  • Not adequately blendable
  • Difficulty in using the product
  • Inconsistent quality of markers in each set

7. Artbrush Tower Premium Metallic Marker Set

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The Premium Metallic Marker Set from Artbrush Tower is one of the highest standard of markers for adult coloring books within the current market. The users within the market including my relatives and I believe this product to be the best within the present market because of the lovely range of metallic colors included and also because of the detailed coloring that is possible with it.

My relatives and I were extremely delighted with the rich variety of metallic colors available within the marker set. There were 10 essential and dazzling colors that are brown, gold, black, silver, blue, purple, olive, white, pink and green. After using these markers, we found that the colors did come out to be vibrant and vivid on dark colored surfaces. We recommend waiting for the colors to dry (drying takes around 20 seconds to 1 minute) in order to observe the full effect on light colored surfaces. When we used the white colored metallic marker on a white colored surface, it was somewhat visible after 20 seconds. We also appreciated the fine tip that accommodated us adequately when coloring into the small spaces of a picture within our adult coloring books.

Some of my relatives were not satisfied with the markers because they were quite difficult to use when coloring in large, wide spaces of a picture of their adult coloring books. They were left with skipped spaces on their pictures and colors were not quite blendable. They felt that the markers are the most appropriate for detail designing and for coloring in the intricate areas of a picture. Another issue most of us found were that some of the tips of the markers were frayed because of their irregular shaped or bent lids.


  • Produces 10 different gorgeous metallic colors
  • Colors are permanent and water proof
  • Ultra-smooth flow of ink
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Fine, flexible tips with soft bristles
  • Bleed resistant
  • Affordable in price


  • Not good for coloring in enlarged areas
  • Not blendable
  • Does not last long
  • Fragile lids
  • Fragile packaging
  • Not too visible on light colored surfaces

8. Brite Writer Premium Ultra-Fine Markers

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The Premium Ultra-Fine Markers in offer from Brite Writer are one of the top quality markers for adult coloring books. Its users including my colleagues and I were glad to be introduced to this product because it is one of the ultimate art stationeries you would require for coloring in your adult coloring books seamlessly at a superb price.

The Brite Writer Premium Ultra-Fine Markers contains 24 different shades of colors that are distinct and bright in appearance. My colleagues and I found the lids to be colored almost accurately matching the ink contained within the markers. Still, a few of my colleagues found duplicate shades of colors with inaccurately complemented lids. We were pleased to use these markers to color in intricate parts of the images within the adult coloring books as the metal clad tips are of 0.4mm. Some of my colleagues were thrilled to be able to use these ultra-fine markers to add in more designs within the images and to be able to outline the images so that they are more attractive to the eyes. In addition to this, coloring in with these markers especially in small spaces was effortless and comfy as the markers are designed with tri-liner, comfort-barrel grips. This will allow you to color in smoothly as you will be able to control your movements with the markers more desirably.

Some of the major challenges that my colleagues had faced when using these markers were that some of the colors within the set were too light to be recognized on light colored surfaces and there were some inconvenient situations that had risen. Some of the neon-like colors within the set of 24 markers like yellow were not easily distinguishable on light colored surfaces. My colleagues were also irritated to find fragile and bendy lids that ended up not closing the markers properly. This led the markers to dry out quickly or had caused the ink to leak out and accumulate largely on the tips. My colleagues were also disappointed to find that the packaging is not reusable as indicated by the advertisement.


  • 24 attractive shades of colors
  • Comfy, ergonomic grips
  • Ultra-fine designed tips
  • Molded trays in the packaging holds markers in position conveniently
  • Long-lasting, swift-drying ink
  • Fade resistant ink
  • Water based, non-toxic ink
  • Easy to identify with color coded lids
  • Bleed resistant ink
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some colors are not too recognizable on light colored surfaces
  • Fragile and bendy lids
  • Ink vulnerable to blotting
  • Non-reusable, fragile packaging
  • Inconsistency in quality of markers within some packs

9. Erofa Finecolour Marker Pen Sketch Set

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The Fineliner Marker Pen Sketch Set in sale by Erofa are one of the highest quality markers for adult coloring books. My coworkers and I tested this product out and discovered that the markers produce premium quality alcohol based colors that work extremely well. They are almost of a similar standard to Copic markers but the best part is that they are cheaper.

One of the best features that my coworkers and I had appreciated was the double nib. These markers will offer you a brush nib and a broad nib. This had allowed us to enjoy both of the tips at opposing ends which produce strokes of varying thicknesses. We were, therefore, able to produce thin strokes of colors to cover small spaces and wide strokes to cover large spaces on the images within the pages of the adult coloring books. We were happy to find that the markers produce strong and bright colors making it ideal for professional illustrations as well.

Some of my coworkers complained that the markers were too runny but they were happy to find that the colors did not bleed through. Another small issue that they had with this product is that the lids of the markers did not correctly match the colors produced from the markers. The colors of the lid were lighter than those produced in reality. Therefore, we suggest that you test out each of the colors and make a swatch card relative to the order of arrangement in which the markers are stored for your own convenience.


  • 24 varying, exquisite colors
  • Permanent alcohol based ink
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Multiple strokes of different widths with broad nib and brush nib
  • Contained in a black bag for ease in storage and good portability
  • Bleed resistant
  • Does not leak
  • Inexpensive


  • Inks are too runny
  • Color coded lids are not accurate
  • Strokes cannot be as fine and sharp as others
  • Refills are not available

10. Huhuhero Assorted Art Pen Markers

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The Assorted Art Pen Markers from Huhuhero are one of the best markers for adult coloring books. My coworkers and I really admire these markers because they produce some of the richest, pigmented colors. Moreover, we really appreciated the dual function tips that allowed us to color in all the spaces with adaptability.

My coworkers and I enjoyed coloring in the pictures within our adult coloring books as we were able to freely express ourselves with 24 differing, mesmerizing colors. We were largely accommodated by the dual tip design that consists of 0.8mm fine tip and 1-2mm brush tip. We found that the sharp tip is useful in outlining the borders of the pictures and performing internal detailed designs within a picture. While the brush tip was resourceful in shading in the large majority of the pictures, the fine tip was useful in filling in the narrow spaces.

Some of my coworkers were not satisfied with Huhuhero Assorted Pen markers because the colors were not accurately represented on the lids. What was more disappointing for them was that only the darker colors were well depicted on all surfaces while the lighter colors were not seen too brightly on light surfaces. There were also some issues of leaking and blotting ink. After much testing, we figured out that you must store the markers on their sides. If you keep them with the any of the two types of tips positioned downwards, the liquid ink will overflow when in use and cause large splurges of colors onto the surface.


  • Dual performing tip with fine tip and brush tip
  • Non-toxic, water based, acid free ink release
  • Permanent
  • Flexible, soft tips
  • Easy to blend colors
  • Guarantee period valid for 45 days


  • Not all colors visible on all surfaces
  • Hard to distinguish shades
  • Requires proper storage
  • Vulnerable to bleeding, leaking, smudging and blotting
  • Bristles on tips vulnerable to fraying

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