The Best Paper for Copic Markers

Copic markers are one of the strongest weapons for colorists, illustrators and designers. This is because Copic markers contain strong and unique, alcohol based inks. These inks create vibrant hues of blended colors and strokes that result in high-grade, eye-catching artwork. Copic Markers cannot be utilized on their own. You will need to utilize the best papers that are perfectly engineered to complement the true function of Copic markers. Georgia O’Keeffe always looked for the beautiful media of art to express herself through colors and shapes which helped her truly express herself better than words. This means that the right stationery for creative individuals can influence their happiness as well as the happiness of their audience.

The best papers for Copic markers must complement some of the best features of Copic markers. The best papers for Copic markers must be thick to prevent ink-bleeds. It is wise to always opt for bleed-proof papers. The durability of the papers is an essential factor as well. This is because Copic markers are expensive and your creative artwork with it, is worth a lot as well. Therefore, the durability of the paper will ensure the long preservation of your artwork. So, you will need to purchase high quality papers to replicate your creative thoughts accurately and make your artwork long lasting. We have created these reviews to guide you so that you may find the right product for you.


1. X-Press It Copic Blending Card Paper Sheets

Copic Blending Card manufactured by ‘X-Press It’ is one of the best-selling papers for Copic markers available within the current market. This is because my colleagues and I have found that most of the illustrators within the market love to use this product for professional and leisure creations. X-Press It Blending Card is the most preferred for being perfect for handling Copic marker as well as other markers that release alcohol based inks. My architect colleagues, artist colleagues and fashion designer friends expressed that they had a truly fantastic experience with these bright white sheets of paper.

In my opinion, this product is very trustworthy for its incredible performance at maintaining a high quality visual work. I found the Copic papers to have lived up to its promise when I took it to my 3-month art class. The sheets of paper were silky smooth which made it the ideal surface for applying Copic markers. It performs highly for its design as engineered to be cardstock paper. It also retained its high performance during the card making sessions.

Some of my colleagues who are comic artists reported that the ink does not bleed through the paper and does blend quite well. However, from a professional aspect, these artists often have to do some heavy blending. They stated that the papers do not allow heavy blending so much and bleeds through after crossing a certain point of saturation level. After testing, they found that the paper can handle 15 layers of saturation. Therefore, I believe that this paper is highly recommended for semi-professional or leisure standard work.


  • Ideal for usage with Copic markers
  • Silky and smooth in texture
  • Lightweight
  • Works well with other alcohol based inks
  • Suitable as laser printer paper
  • Inexpensive


  • Bleeds through after 15 layers of saturation
  • Cannot handle heavy blending too well


2. Copic Marker Express Blending Card

Express Blending Card by Copic Marker is one of the best papers for Copic markers present within the current market. This product delivers a high quality performance to all those with creative traits. The users within the market as well as my creative coworkers and I appreciate the support this product provides with the final produced outlook. The most praiseworthy feature of this product is that it keeps the colors of the ink vibrant.

My coworkers and I really admired the super silky texture of the surface of the papers. This is the prime reason why the ink remains so bright and attractive to the eyes. Moreover, my artistic co-workers and friends described that the extraordinary silky texture also contributes to the reason why marker inks are able to blend so well. They stated that it blends better than most of its competitors. They also discovered that the strokes were easier to perform compared to other competing brands for the very same reason. They explained that the super silky and ultra-smooth surface of the papers allow the fast drying alcohol based ink to remain a little damp for a while so that the ink can be re-worked and blended according to preference.

Some of my co-workers were a little disappointed with the hue of the ink colors after their application onto the paper. One of them mentioned that a bluish/greyish tone emerged afterwards. One of them also reported that it did not seem to warp properly.


  • Durable product
  • Keeps colors bright
  • Makes strokes easy to perform
  • Makes marker blending easy
  • Retains ink well within the surface
  • Free from acid contents so safe for children
  • White cardstock
  • Compatible for inkjet and laser printing


  • Thick
  • Some difficulties in performing non-standard techniques
  • Few complaints in change of ink shades upon contact
  • Expensive


3. Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad

Alcohol Marker Pad by Copic Markers is one of the highly regarded papers for Copic markers. My colleagues and I agree with its users within the market that it delivers a fine performance. We particularly appreciated the brightness of the ink colors that were used as well as its high resistance to ink leakages.  

We have found the papers to be the most bleed-resistant compared to all the other brands that we tried out before. They were thin and light as well making them convenient to use. The ink colors enhanced largely after coming into contact with the paper which appeared to glorify the work more, according to our perception. A suggestion from one of my colleagues, still, is to use the paper carefully as only one side is appropriate to be used by Copic markers.

Some of my colleagues who wanted to use this product on a greater professional level were rather disappointed. This is because the high bleed resistance had restricted the opportunity for an artist to re-work the inks and blend the colors intricately. This is because the inks were drying up rather too quickly within a small time-frame, preventing the free movement of the colors. What’s more is that the enhancement of the colors was also interfering with the artists’ specific desire of a shade. They said that it would be best for using light colored Copic markers. Few of the colleagues mentioned that additional layers of ink often led to some blotches.


  • Strictly bleed-resistant
  • Brightens ink colors
  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for printing and photocopying


  • Only one side is functional
  • Does not allow re-working or blending
  • Changes shades of the ink colors
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Ink dries too quickly
  • Too thin to be used with pencils and erasers


4. Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad

The Bleedproof Marker Pad from Bee Paper is one of the most popular papers for Copic markers because it is the most ideal for doing intricate designs using Copic markers. The extreme smoothness of the surface of the papers is much acclaimed by all.

My creative team of coworkers and I truly loved the ultra-smooth surface of the papers. This is because the extensive smoothness of the surface prevents bleed-through and makes it convenient to simply re-work, blend and perform strokes. You will find yourself gliding effortlessly on the paper, allowing you to create fine designs. Although it appears too thick for printing, we found it to be working easily through an inkjet printer. It mostly did not bleed through even when layers of ink were further added.

Some of my colleagues reported dissatisfaction over its bleed proofing ability. They noticed slight feathering and bleeding around the edges of the paper. Some of them also reported that heavy layering muddles up the colors undesirably which leaves it to be a goopy mess. Their suggestion was to use lighter Copic colors instead. They recommend having intense skills so that the preliminary requirement to use a pencil and eraser can be avoided. They did express that they were still satisfied with the value the product had provided at its economical price.


  • Ultra-smooth in texture
  • Promotes easy gliding
  • Natural white colored
  • Acid free
  • Designed for the application of Copic markers, alcohol and water based inks, technical pens, permanent markers and crowquill pens
  • Printable through inkjet printers
  • Economical in price


  • Not as bleedproof as other brands
  • Does not blend Copic ink well
  • Dark Copic colors do not work well


5. Copic Marker Sketchbook

The Sketchbook from Copic Marker is one of the best papers created for Copic markers because of the intense support it provides for a growing artist who works with Copic markers. My colleagues and I were highly pleased with the flat-iron smooth and velvety papers. Most users within the market consider this product to be one of the most sought-after sketchbooks fit to be used with Copic markers.

My colleagues and I who tried this product out, found it to be quite convenient for carrying from one place to another. The spiral binding will allow you to keep all your sketches together in one place, no matter where you go. Also, you will also find it easy to carry it around without much effort. We would advise you to use this product for personal creative development rather than using it to portray your talent on a professional level because of a range of limitations.

We believe that the product does bleed through easily if you go over the same areas of the paper multiple times with the ink even though the papers are quite dense. This means that it restricts you as an artist to create intricate designs and restrains you from blending different shades. Yet, we believe that it is of a higher quality than the normal papers and works quite well for its reasonable price.


  • Smooth and velvety in texture
  • Have thick covers
  • Works well with pencil and eraser
  • Easy blending
  • No streaking


  • Spiral binding on the short side can be uncomfortable
  • Bleeds when more than one layers of ink are added
  • Only 1 side of each page is suited for Copic markers
  • Made of cardboard covering


6. Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad

The Alcohol Marker Pad presented by Copic Markers is one of the best papers for Copic markers because of its perfect texture and favorable features. My team of reviewers and I really enjoyed using this product because of the high resistance of the paper to bleeding ink. We also appreciated the density of the paper.

My team of reviewers and I found the papers to be quite bleed-resistant. Unfortunately, too many layers of Copic ink does cause the ink to bleed through the back a little. We did find that in this case, the ink does not highly bleed through to the outwards region but does slightly leak from the opposing side.

One my reviewers showed extreme irritation when she discovered that the paper does not accommodate a rather high freedom of movement on it. This means that intricate re-working is not usually possible but the colors of the ink do blend quite well. Furthermore, artists were impressed with the increased level of brightness after the ink dried onto the paper’s surface. The professional artists within my team of reviewers discovered that the papers are way too thin so you will need to be careful by designing in simple forms.


  • Visually enhances colors
  • Smooth and silky textured papers
  • No smudges
  • No significant bleed-through


  • Expensive for its value
  • Too thin
  • Feathers and bleeds through the edges after significant addition of layers


7. Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper

The Stamping Illustration Paper from Copic Markers is one of the most desirable papers for Copic markers according to most illustrators. My coworkers and I used these papers in a two-month art class with almost an entire success. We have researched and found that most users like us within the market expressed satisfaction over this product because they perfectly allow the coloring of stamped images.

My coworkers and I have been convinced by the superior performance of this product. This is because the product supports the usage of Copic markers without much interruption or incompatibility. Moreover, this paper is of an ideal density. This appropriate density prevents the smallest moisture that can crinkle up the papers. As the papers do not become crinkled, this means that the Copic marker inks will remain intact on the surface of the papers. Despite the thick density, we found that you can easily print a stamp image or an outline for coloring.

Only a handful of my coworkers complained of an insignificant bleeding of the Copic marker ink. However, they still thought that the papers are ideal for stamping, coloring and even layering with card stocks.


  • Does not bleed ink excessively
  • Does not crinkle
  • Thin enough to be compatible with printers
  • Thick enough to handle Copic marker ink
  • Smooth and silky surface
  • Reasonably priced


  • Does bleed through a little in rare cases


8. Copic Art Paper Pack

Copic Art Paper Pack from COPIC/IMAGINATION INTERNL is one of the top rated papers for Copic markers available within the present market. These papers have gained a significant amount of popularity within a very short time as these products can still be considered to be somewhat brand new in the market. My creative acquaintances and I have liked this product for its intense support when illustrating with Copic markers.

My acquaintances and I have discovered that this product offers its users a high standard performance with Copic markers. The papers are ideal for rendering, coloring and drawing with Copic markers. You will be impressed to find that this paper will not allow the ink to bleed through. Moreover, the paper supports easy blending and re-working of the colors of the inks. Only a few of my co-workers had difficulties in blending on these papers with the Copic markers.


  • Thick
  • High ink absorbency
  • Ideal blend-ability
  • Protects the ink from bleeding through
  • Free from acid and pH neutral making it safe for use by everyone


  • Does not easily get through printer as it is thick
  • On rare occasions, there are some challenges with high-level blending


9. Copic Markers Manga Nat White

Manga Nat White manufactured by Copic Markers is worth being called as one of the best papers for Copic markers. A majority of its users including my illustrator friends and I believe that this product is the best because of its extensive compatibility with Copic markers and its unbelievably smooth surface.

My illustrator friends and I were thrilled to have observed the adequate degree of thickness, absorbance and heaviness of the papers. You will find this paper to be thick enough to prevent tearing from sharp pen/marker tips but also thin and gloss enough to be used with alcohol based ink. The highly absorbent characteristic of the papers allows them to be bleedproof and highly blend-able. So, you will find it easy to re-work the colors and produce precise streaks. Even though the papers do not resemble cardstock in any way, they are of the glossy and high-standard presentation quality.

Some of my friends who are independent artists and prefer selling their artwork per paper, expressed their delight in not having the papers spiral bound into a notebook or notepad. They found it handy that they were able to sell their artwork on a per page basis effortlessly using these papers. They were also impressed at how well the surfaces of the papers complemented the colors of the inks. Still, a few of these friends reported the sheets to have felt a bit too fragile and thin. They were a little disappointed at a small bleed-through when applying heavy layers. They were also disheartened to find the ink to have been smug after a while.


  • Compatible with Copic markers
  • Perfect level of smoothness
  • Highly absorbent
  • Blends well
  • Produces precise streaks
  • Mostly high in bleed-resistance
  • Impressive maintenance of color quality
  • Reasonable in price


  • Too thin and fragile in structure
  • Smug ink
  • Bleeds out sometimes
  • Cannot handle heavy layers of ink


10. Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Paper

Bleedproof Marker Pack by Bee Paper is one the most favored paper for Copic markers within the industry. This is because it displays the most compatibility to Copic markers as well as other technical pens. These papers functioned beyond my colleagues’ and my expectations with its amazing and supportive features.

After using this product for a few weeks, my colleagues and I had found this product to be serving as the best paper for Copic markers due to its elevated smoothness and thickness. This causes easy blending and the creation of complex designs. The Copic marker ink does not bleed through at all in the majority of the cases. The colors settle smoothly onto the paper without having it all being absorbed into the paper. This leaves room for colorists and artists to work to their hearts’ content. Pencil designs can also be easily made at the beginning as outlines. These outlines can be easily erased out as well when required.

Furthermore, you will be glad to know that these papers work well with permanent markers and water based ink as well as the Copic markers’ alcohol based ink. Although the thickness of the papers discourage its usage when printing, after surveying its users, we discovered otherwise. We tested it in an inkjet printer and it worked out perfectly without any ink smudges or any bleed-through. Also, both of the sides of a couple of pages were tested and we found out that both sides are ideal to be used for Copic markers.

Some of my colleagues who mostly design with vigorous layers of colors had experienced a slight ink bleed-through. They were, however, able to cease the leaking with added papers. They recommended that users should work with light colors if they are looking into performing with heavy layers of the ink.


  • Super smooth in texture
  • Prevents ink bleed
  • Naturally white
  • Thick
  • Ideal for doing intricate designs
  • Suitable for inkjet printing
  • Both sides of each page are equally compatible to Copic marker ink
  • Cheap
  • Acid free so safe for all to use


  • Not entirely bleedproof



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