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You could say I’m an accidental photographer. My love affair with photography started when I borrowed a friend’s DSLR camera on a cruise ship back in 2010. I got lost in the beauty of it all, and before I knew it, I’d snapped hundreds of photos. Afterward, I got obsessed not only with the many ways I could manipulate digital photography but also with the variety of crafts I could construct based on ideas from the photographs. I even discovered ways of incorporating my pictures into craft projects.

My experience playing with that DSLR camera and all those cruise ship photos set me on a path to find the best camera for my purposes. I watched YouTube videos endlessly and read so much technical information online that I began to feel as if I could teach a class. My camera, and very quickly, cameras, went with me everywhere. I took pictures of anything and everything. Shooting portraits were then and are now one of my favorite uses for my camera because I can craft so many kinds of gift items for friends and family with the portraits I create.

When I talk about creating a portrait, what I mean is that, as a photographer, you are the creator of that world that lives within the frame. When you think about taking a photograph on those terms, your craft is enhanced because now you’re actively taking part in building the story represented in the finished product. My portrait concept naturally evolved to wedding photography and talk about the ideas for crafting wedding gifts that soon emerged.

Sometimes my photography is photojournalistic, capturing moments as they happen. Ultimately, using a camera is telling a story through the lens that draws the viewer in wanting to know more. Whether it’s photographing a child at play or a bouquet toss at a wedding, photos touch our emotions.

After spending so much time exploring mirrorless and compact cameras as well as bigger professional DSLRs, I decided it was time to share all this information with other camera and craft enthusiasts. Here at Max Nash, you’ll find reviews on a variety of cameras in all price ranges and for every skill level. Plus, you’ll get lots of information on accessories such as green screens, filters, lighting, and more. I also work to keep up with the ever-changing technology so you’ll find guides to GoPros, drones, and all the extras to make using that sports camera equipment more enjoyable. Have you ever wanted to know more about how to use a Gimble? My goal is to ensure you’ll find all those answers here.

If you’re like me and you want to take your photography one step further, you’ll find inspiration for craft projects too. There are reviews on the best heat transfer papers as well as a guide if you’re looking for the best heat transfer machines for making T-Shirts and other textiles from your creations. I cover craft cutters, die cutting, vinyl cutting, paper trimmers, and more.

The mission here at Max Nash is to provide you with everything you need to start your photography hobby and even take it to the next level. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!

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