Best Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring

Coloring is commonly categorized as being an activity for kids. However, the latest research shows that coloring is essential for the survival of adults as well, predominantly for combatting the daily stresses of adult life and enhancing cognitive focus. According to one of the first developed researches by the expert psychologist, Gloria Martínez Ayala, coloring has been observed to have positive effects on people’s 2 cerebral hemispheres. The actions of selecting and blending colors were shown to stimulate the logical and creative sectors of the brain. The amygdala which is involved with emotional functions of the brain and is affected by stress, displayed lower activity during and after the coloring session.

Adult colorists often enjoy coloring with colored pencils. Some prefer oil based colored pencils while others prefer water based colored pencils that produce paint-like water colors. Either way, every colorist wants to produce rich, mesmerizing images filled with color that last for long periods of time. To assist you in finding the most perfect colored pencils, we have put together elaborate reviews of 10 of the latest best colored pencils for adult coloring.


1. Artlicious Premium Colored Pencils

The pack of Premium Colored Pencils from Artlicious is one of the best-selling colored pencils for adult coloring within the current market. This is because of the large range of high quality colors that are included within the pack at an economical cost.

My classmates at an art institute were very impressed along with me about this product since these colored pencils appeared to be fulfilling their functions at a high standard. We were pleased to be presented with an extensive option of colors with a total of 50 vibrant, alluring colors. We found that the pencils are made of soft, strong leads that set smoothly onto the pages of adult coloring books. The smoothness of the leads allowed colors to be blended effortlessly upon desire. We were also happy that the pencils were color coded with accurate labels placed upon their barrels. Furthermore, the colored pencils arrived in a box that is quite reusable.

One of the major drawbacks of this product is that the soft texture of the leads makes the colored pencils highly vulnerable to breaking. Many of my classmates found it impossible to sharpen the pencil up to the limit of sharp and pointy tips. We discovered that electric sharpeners prevented the constant breaking of the colored pencils and ensured sharp and pointy tips. Another issue experienced by few other classmates of mine were that some of the light colors had streaks of darker colored leads in them which caused sudden appearance of darker strokes amidst lighter colors. This ruined the theme of the regions colored within a picture.


  • 50 unique, vibrant shades of colors
  • Different shades of colors easily identified with color coded labels on barrels
  • Made of non-rainforest wood for ease of sharpening
  • Thick, soft leads allow smooth color layering
  • Easy to blend
  • Packed in a reusable box
  • Priced reasonably


  • Fragile tips
  • Difficult to sharpen to point without breaking
  • Inconsistent intensities of color
  • Not suitable for water coloring
  • Inconsistency in quality of pencils in different packs


2. Faber Castell Colored Pencils

A pack of Colored Pencils distributed by the renowned brand, Faber Castell is one of the most popular colored pencils for adult coloring within the present market. If you analyze a quick market survey, you will find that almost everyone knows and has probably used these colored pencils from Faber Castell at least once in their lifetime. The survey will also indicate that negative experiences with this brand’s products are mostly very rare.

My colleagues and I investigated the quality and value of these colored pencils and had an almost entirely pleasant experience with them. One of the first features we appreciated was the vast array of 48 colors included within the pack. We were happy to find the colors to be exclusive to each other within a pack and also vibrant and rich in tone. The intensity of the silver and gold colored pencils is praiseworthy to us! On top of this, my colleagues and I were pleased with the smooth application of the colored pencils that were appearing to glide easily upon the pages of our adult coloring books. This is because the colored pencils are oil based and have soft cores.

There were hardly any complaints with this product. Just one of my colleagues felt that she preferred wax based colored pencils over these oil based ones. Another one of my colleagues felt that there was a requirement for firmness while coloring in order to achieve his desired level of intensity with the colors.


  • Popular art supply brand
  • 48 classic, rich toned colors
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy, glide on smooth color application
  • Cost-effective pricing


  • Not color coded
  • Not wax based
  • Not easy to color with – requires firm pressing
  • Inconsistencies in some packs


3. Voyage Designs Colored Pencils Pack

The Colored Pencils Pack from Voyage Designs is one of the highly regarded colored pencils for adult coloring within the present market. My fellow group mates in our local art club had decided to try them out just like me for a month. We discovered that these colored pencils work finely and last the longest for the great price that they are usually offered.

One of the first features which my group mates and I liked about this product was that they included 50 exceptional high quality pencils. We found out that the fact that these colored pencils are oil based and water soluble, came out to be really resourceful. The oil base was responsible for the easy transfer of colors across the pages of our adult coloring books. We also had the choice of adding water to our colored spots that gave the images a vibrant, water colored paint look. Shading and blending could easily be done while performing with the water colors. Even without adding water, the colored pencils produced smooth, velvety and bright tones of color on our pages. We were delighted to have a reusable cylindrical case with a lid that can be screwed on and off at convenience.

While the tips of these colors were well protected inside the case with protective cushioning, they still turned out to be broken in a few cases. The tips are hard mostly but did not produce rough results on the pages on all occasions. We believe in a few cases, the tips might have been manufactured too hard and had become thus, brittle. Some of my art club group mates were not even able to sharpen these flawed colored pencils properly.


  • 50 different rich toned colors
  • Oil based ensuring smooth application
  • Water based ensuring smooth blending and shading
  • Suitable for coloring with or without water
  • Hexagonal shaped allowing comfy grip
  • Arrives in portable and reusable case
  • Guarantee period valid for 1 year
  • Reasonable in price


  • Tips are vulnerable to break
  • Too hard tips in some cases
  • Difficult to sharpen hard tips in some cases
  • Discrepancies in quality of colors in different packs


4. Echolife Professional Watercolor Pencils Set

The Professional Watercolor Pencils Set from Echolife is one of the best colored pencils for adult coloring within the market. This is because the colored pencils produce vibrant paint-like effects that highlight the creativity of an individual optimally.

My colleagues and I used this product for a couple of weeks and discovered that the watercolor pencils are of premium quality. When the pencils were used normally without water, the color glided onto the pages of our adult coloring book without any complication. When water was added to these colors, the colors blended smoothly with equal coverage. The ease of blending had assisted us in coloring with a number of different tones of colors other than the 48 colors that are offered within the pack originally. The luscious pigments were able to dissolve perfectly with water during water coloring, making the pictures look as though they were painted. Moreover, we also found comfort in the tin within which the pencils came packaged.

Still, my colleagues and I concluded that these colored pencils are the most appropriate for water coloring. This is because the colors appeared most vibrant and most soluble with water. The attractiveness of our colored pictures looked exceedingly better when water colored than when colored in without water. Additionally, we felt that water coloring had allowed us to express ourselves more desirably with the power to blend remarkably. One of my colleagues had expressed disappointment over the tin case as it does not seem too convenient when the colored pencils become short in length, thus, difficult to find.


  • 48 different colors
  • Professional standard
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to blend and shade
  • Colors dissolve easily and smoothly in water
  • Comes in a portable and convenient tin case
  • Produce vibrant and pigmented colors
  • Strong tips
  • Superior customer care service
  • Inexpensive


  • Produce the best results with water coloring
  • Tin cases are difficult to use when pencils become short


5. Marco Niutop Colored Pencils

The Niutop Colored Pencils by Marco are one of the outstanding colored pencils for adult coloring. This is because these colored pencils work smoothly producing a large range of colors at a great value.

My friends at the art club as well as I tested this product out and became impressed instantly over how it sets onto the pages of adult coloring books as smooth as butter. This is because these colors have soft centers that allow the colors to be easily spread over the surface without much pressure. The smoothness of the color ensures easy blending and no scratches on the colored-in surfaces. You will find it easy to layer colors boldly upon one another to reach your desired intensity or shade of color. In addition to this, the sets of these colors include a total of 48 different colors of various vibrant shades. Another amazing feature which won us over was the cylinder shaped sturdy box within which the colored pencils were packaged. This box is ideal for storage and for carrying the pencils from one place to another.

One most disappointing characteristic of this product is that the tips of the colored pencils are fragile. As they are soft cored, they require extreme care while sharpening. Sharpening hastily did often cause the tips to break. This had made it difficult to finely sharpen the tips.


  • 48 different shades of vibrant colors
  • Soft cored
  • Blendable and buildable colors
  • Smooth application
  • Deluxe cylinder box for easy storage, organization and carrying
  • Environment friendly as manufactured with recycled wood
  • Non-toxic
  • Economical in price


  • Softness of tips increase vulnerability to breaking
  • Difficult to sharpen finely without breaking
  • Not easy to sharpen


6. Meiz Premium Art Colored Pencils

The Premium Art Colored Pencils from Meiz are one of the high grade colored pencils for adult coloring. The users in the market as well as my coworkers and I found these colored pencils to have been functioning effectively as water color pencils.

One of the best features that we found was that the colored pencils are perfect for water coloring. The pigments of the colors are bold and strong enough to visually enhance any simple drawing or image within an adult coloring book. These pigments appeared to work perfectly with color being supremely water soluble. The colored pencils were also easy to use because of the easy gliding of the tips on the surfaces due to the soft core of the pencils. The softness of the tips prevents scratching and allows easy blending. If you are aware about natural sustainability, then you will be happy to know that the pencils are crafted from eco-friendly recyclable components.

The most serious drawback of this product is that the colored pencils are difficult to sharpen. This is because the softness of the tips require extreme care when sharpening. You will find it difficult to use the pencils as well if you decide to apply water directly onto the tip. My coworkers and I have observed that it is best to apply water onto the initially colored regions with a paintbrush. This will make the colors within the pencils last longer as less of it will be wasted. It will also secure the tips from being too moist. You will also find that the tips will remain sharp and intact for longer.


  • Large range of 48 lustrous colors
  • Water soluble so ideal for water coloring
  • Soft core contributing to ease in flow when coloring
  • Color dissolves easily with water allowing freedom to blend, layer and shade effortlessly
  • Non-toxic and crafted from eco-friendly materials
  • Strong, resourceful packaging
  • 30-day money back guarantee with full refund or replacement
  • Reasonable in price


  • Difficult to sharpen
  • Soft tip can break easily
  • Does not produce distinguishable colors without water


7. ColOWLful Artist Colored Pencils Set 24

The Artist Colored Pencils Set by Colowlful is one of the top quality colored pencils for adult coloring. This is because my vegan friends and I loved the Earth conscious quality of the colored pencils which also offer comfy grip.

My vegan friends and I appreciated this set of colored pencils because the pencils were carefully crafted without any animal cruelty, toxicity and Phthalate. The colored pencils are made from natural wood. You will be feeling at ease when using this product as it will not be causing any damage to the environment. Furthermore, we felt comfortable when using the product because the grips on the pencils are soft and well positioned. It will help you use these colored pencils for long periods of time. My friends and I were able to use the colored pencils effortlessly because of the soft leads that contributed to the smoothness we had experienced during application. The softness of the lead was a big positive support allowing us to blend and layer colors smoothly.

The most challenging experience my friends and I had was that the colors produced from the color pencils were quite light and dull like pastel color. Spots without color were left on the colored pages of the adult coloring books. We were somewhat disappointed that no matter how strong the pressure was applied, the colors remained too light to be attractive.


  • 24 different colors included
  • Non-toxic, animal cruelty free and Phthalate free
  • Made of natural, environment-friendly materials
  • Easy to blend and layer colors
  • Smooth application
  • Soft lead
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Comfy grip
  • Strong lead resistant to breaking
  • Packed in an eco-friendly box
  • Reasonable in price


  • Does not produce bright colors
  • Colorless spots remained
  • Difficult to reach proper intensity of color


8. iBayam Colored Pencils

The Bayam Colored Pencils from iBayam are one of the most sought colored pencils for adult coloring because of the soft tip that promotes effortless coloring in. What’s more is that the pencils come in a huge range of 48 colors. These colored pencils provide the best water color effects when water is added.

Along with me, my friend and his undergraduate art students used the Bayam Colored Pencils for a few weeks. We were highly impressed with how well the colors had projected onto the pages of our adult coloring books. The rich pigments of the lead tips appeared to dissolve finely with water. This allowed us to blend and laydown colors desirably onto the pages. Moreover, the soft lead tips resulted as smooth velvety colors onto the pictures within our pages. Despite being soft, the tips did not break easily. We were mostly able to sharpen the tips in a fine manner without any of them breaking.

One major problem with the product was that the colors produced were not as vibrant when doing normal coloring. The students were significantly satisfied with the attractive bright tones produced when applying water to the colors. In fact, in a dry regular state, the colored pencils were very light. These colors were hardly visible when applied on colored pages but they appeared somewhat visible on white blank pages of the adult coloring books.


  • 48 different shades of colors
  • High print effect
  • Color coordinated barrels numbered
  • Soft lead tips
  • Easy to blend, layer and burnish
  • Environment friendly and non-toxic
  • Made of natural wood
  • Sturdy tips resistant to breaking
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Smooth gliding application
  • Most effective as water colors


  • Does not produce vibrant colors when dry
  • Colors cannot be distinctly visible when dry and when applied onto colored surface
  • Most vibrant as water colors
  • Colors are not coded clearly with names


9. Tombow Irojiten Coloring Set

The Irojiten Coloring Set in sale by Tombow is one of the top colored pencils for adult coloring. The reason behind this is the beautifully themed color tones included within the set and their high standard of pigmentation.

The elderly relatives of mine joined me when testing out these colored pencils for a few weeks. We had all felt satisfied over the small but unique shades of colors included within the set. Our sets each contained 12 colored pencils that represented tranquil, cool colors. These colors still were strongly pigmented providing deep saturation. The leads were dense being suitable for performing detailed, fine coloring and producing sharp strokes of colors. The deep color saturation remained crisp and vibrant for extensive periods. This makes it ideal for blending and layering. 

This product was almost immaculate. The only small issue we had was that few of the colors within the set appeared to be similar in hue. The cinnamon and crimson color is an example of this. One slight concern was that the grip of the pencils’ barrels was not too comfy. These little issues were a little disappointing because my relatives and I felt that the price was too high. Also, we recommend avoiding electronic sharpeners because the wood used to manufacture is high in quality and can easily be carved.


  • Cool but bright pigmented colors
  • Strong and dense perfectly centered lead tips preventing easy breaking
  • Ideal for intricate coloring
  • Ease of layering and blending colors
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Color lasts long
  • Smooth application but not too waxy
  • Made of strong cedar wood for maximum durability


  • Some hues are quite similar
  • Expensive
  • Decent grip with white enamel finish
  • Only 12 colored pencils in each set


10. Colorarty Colored Pencils

The Colored Pencils from Colorarty is one of the best colored pencils for adult coloring because of the high quality water color feature. The water color feature of these pencils cause the colors to be dazzling and attractive.

My colleagues and I tested these product and had felt truly satisfied at the end. We were thrilled to have a long range of 48 shades of colors handpicked by professional artists. The colors were vibrant and exciting to use when coloring in the pages of our adult coloring book. We enjoyed freely blending and layering the colors without facing any disadvantages. The smooth 3.5mm tips were able to assist perfectly causing smooth application. We were most happy at receiving a roll-able canvas bag that looks elegant and proved to be handy at storing and carrying the colored pencils wherever you may want to go.

The worst feature of this set of colored pencils is that the colors only appear to be eye-catching when used with water as water color. This is why we suggest that you use these colors as water colored pencils. My colleagues and I were disheartened to find that the leads were not centered correctly. This made them prone to breaking.


  • Extensive range of 48 different hues of colors
  • Highly blendable and buildable with colors
  • Free from toxic and safe for environment
  • Packaged in a resourceful and elegant pencil bag
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Money back guarantee or 100% replacement period of 60 days
  • Superb customer care service


  • Only suitable as water colored pencils
  • Colors only vibrant with water
  • Leads not positioned correctly causing easy breaking
  • Difficult to sharpen
  • Expensive


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