The Best GoPro Case Reviews

If you have a GoPro, you know by now that GoPros are pretty rugged, especially with the newer housing. In this article, I’m presenting both carrying and travel cases, and also protective body cases for the GoPro. “Case” is an ambivalent word, so there we are, creating this long article. Use the quick navigation to jump to the part that interests you most.

So, you have all kinds of accessories for your GoPro, a great memory card and you do need to protect your new “toy”. If a while ago, the GoPro accessory market was dominated by UkPro with an amazing idea of merely having a case for a GoPro camera, nowadays you can find all kind of products to protect your GoPro.

Why get a GoPro case?

No matter how durable your GoPro may be, you still need to protect it from scratching and you also need to travel with it.

True, a GoPro might fall 100 feet through the air onto solid concrete and end up with just some scratching. But some parts still remain vulnerable, as are the button areas, since the buttons stick out beyond the protective polycarbonate shell.

In case of a crash or a hard landing, the buttons make contact with the ground first and the entire force of the impact goes directly inside of your GoPro. Three falls later, your GoPro is not working anymore… Some proposed to have the camera buttons removed from the housing. Keep a pen or a tiny Allen wrench handy to poke at the control through the hole where the button use to be. Of course, this is a bit of a change for your GoPro, but…when you fly, things may fly also!

For all other situations, proper caution measures need to be taken.

You can use a case/bag that fits all the accessories that your GoPro comes with and a special GoPro case for a proper protection.

A good carrying case for GoPro organizes your spare batteries, remotes, mounts, bolts, cables, memory cards so you can find and use them fast. It also keeps the GoPro adapters away from your other camera gear so you don’t make any mistakes when handling it.

What matters when getting a GoPro case

There are some things you need to be thinking about when getting yourself accessories to protect your GoPro.

You really need to consider your budget when you start your search. The market gives you a good range of prices and the most important thing to remember is that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality, but it’s the other way around also. Chances are that for a higher price, you do get a GoPro case that is longer lasting, with many organizational options and better protection for your GoPro.

In case you own more than one GoPro camera, then you need a larger GoPro case/bag. Unless you think you’ll travel only with one.

Keep in mind that there are several models of GoPro cameras and the case should fit your model’s size. Some newer models are smaller so you do need to find the special cases for them.

The more accessories you have for your GoPro, the more space you’ll need for storing. So take a look at how many accessories you have so that your case fits all of them.

Even though this might seem a bit off, in some cases you need a hard shell, but a soft shell suits better in other situations.

It’s not all about the looks, but this is another fact to keep in mind. After all, you do go around with this case/bag and it needs to fit your taste just as well. There are various styles to choose from for your GoPro case/bag.

The alternatives

If your budget is tight at the moment, you can still protect your GoPro with the smaller cases. They have a foam interior and they are a good option to think about. Find them below in the article.

The Best Diving/Underwater/Waterproof Case for GoPro

If you’re into water sports and want to safely capture your adventures, a good option is the GoPro Dive Housing for HERO4, HERO3+ and HERO3.

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Along with the obvious feature of being waterproof, this housing presents many other qualities. So here are the pros:

  • You can dive with this housing up to 60 m/197’
  • This is a long lasting GoPro diving case
  • The flat glass lens gives sharpness to your pictures above and below the water
  • It comes with standard skeleton and BacPac backdoor
  • The quality is great
  • The screen is easy to navigate through
  • The beeper is loud
  • The locking mechanism is efficient
  • The depth rating is bigger than the regular one for the diving cases

There are also some parts that I like less, so here are the cons:

  • The case looks a bit bulky
  • The buttons are a tad difficult to push
  • There are no interchangeable filters with the standard housing filters

But, for the price you pay you get a reliable and efficient diving case for your GoPro.

The Top Gopro Case for Wind

When you’re spending lot of time with your outdoor sports/activities you know that you need to take all the safety measures for your GoPro.

Nowadays, there is protection pretty much for everything so in case of a windy day you can protect your GoPro with the Telesin Camera Protective Frame for Wind Noise Reduction.

No products found.

No products found.

There are many good things to mention about this wind slayer so here are our pros:

  • This is compatible with your GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4
  • You get in each pack two black foam windscreens
  • There is also a GoPro frame
  • The foam maximizes the performance of audio recording as it reduces wind noise during extreme sports
  • The foam is flexible and perfectly wraps your GoPro for a better protection against noise
  • The frame also protects your camera also from potential damage
  • The back of the windscreen is hollow out so you can watch video on the LCD screen
  • This may be used with or without the camera frame
  • It’s better not to use this when using the waterproof casing for obvious reasons
  • The foam windscreen is easy to put on and to remove
  • The foam windscreen doesn’t disturb the quality of the video
  • This gives also some protection against scratching your camera, but not enough in case of dropping
  • The buttons are still easy to access when using this case

Along with the good features, come some downsides that we need to mention. Here are the cons:

  • You can’t see the screen when using this wind case so you need your phone to know what you’re shooting
  • As it’s made of foam, you need to handle it carefully so you don’t tear it
  • You can’t use all the other gear along this wind case

But, for a windy day when you’re snow skiing, or sky diving, this case ensures the good quality of the sound of your video and does what it knows best: reduce the wind noise.

The Gopro Case for Snow/Snowboarding

For all the snow lovers out there, being able to video your thrilling snowboarding experience is a priority. Your GoPro needs more protection when snowboarding, not only to obtain the best image quality, but also against possible shocks and falls.

The X~PWR All-weather, External Power Case Kit for GoPro Hero matches your Hero 3, 3+ and 4 and gives you many good features to rely on:

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  • You can record up to 9 hours on the 64 Gb memory card
  • This protects your GoPro no matter the weather conditions
  • This kit comes also with an 18” B-Capped cable
  • You can record in rain, snow, mud, dust or heavy water wash-down
  • The external USB power source gives you the ability to continuously record
  • The quality of your videos when snowboarding is far better

Some downsides are worth mentioning. Here are my cons:

  • This case might be too large for GoPro 3+
  • The locating foam strips are places at the top and bottom of the case rear door to clear the LCD. The GoPro3+ does fit, but you can’t use any of the other back doors anymore
  • Your extra battery might not work as your viewer also since you can’t use other doors with this case on.

Regardless of the minor setbacks, for shooting any snowboarding session, this case does a pretty good job.

The Best Gopro Case for Sound/Audio

In case you want to get all the sound you want at a concert, this case is your no.1 choice. The GoPro HERO3 Skeleton Housing comes with many good things, so here are our pros:

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  • There are open sides that give you easy access to the camera ports
  • This case is great for live-feed video, charging, cooling and maximized audio capture
  • This is to be used only in dry conditions
  • This is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and Hero 4
  • You are able to connect and external microphone to this
  • The quality is great
  • There is much flexibility for this case
  • You can use the case in so many various situations as it’s so versatile
  • The sound capture is great and you can enjoy the live concerts again and again
  • This comes also as gift wrap
  • You can use this when driving or riding your motorcycle

There are some downsides to this housing, so here are our cons:

  • The price is not very low, but the quality pays off
  • The locking mechanism needs to be better
  • It’s a bit bulky
  • The housing is not waterproof

All in all, when you’re in need for a good sound capturing housing, this is a good option anytime.

Gopro Skeleton Case

For the GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ you can get a great skeleton case like this WiserElectronic Side Open Skeleton Housing.

No products found.

No products found.

The features that we like are here so scroll down for the pros:

  • There is open side to plug into your camera the cables for live-feed video, charging, cooling or maximized audio at low speeds
  • This lets you attach a microphone and 3.5mm Mic Adapter
  • The case has a nice design with storage card slot, insert storage card
  • You don’t need to remove the case to get better recordings as the recording hole is added to the top of the housing
  • The backdoor is sturdy, lightweight and removable
  • This is great to install the LCD screen or battery
  • The skeleton case is made of high-strength plastic
  • The flat glass lens gives more clarity to your recordings
  • The case side is wire connectable
  • The case is well made and solid

Some things are not that great on this case so here are our cons:

  • This case is not for diving and underwater sports
  • Sometimes, the case doesn’t allow the finger to touch the screen through the plastic film
  • The o-clip for the button needs to be of better quality

All in all, this is still a good buy and a reliable skeleton case for your GoPro.

Here are more Skeleton case options.

On to GoPro carrying cases –

Best Cheap Gopro Case

When you’re short on the budget but still want to store your GoPro and accessories in a good protective case, try this CamKix Carrying Case for Gopro Hero 4, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 3, 2.

Shop now at

There are many qualities to this case so here are the pros:

  • This case gives good protection and organizing options for your GoPro and accessories
  • There is foam padding on all sides and this means good protection
  • The high quality EVA interior has organized compartments for GoPro Hero 1, 2,3, 3+ and 4 cameras, along housing, Wi-Fi remote, 2 batteries, battery pack/LCD
  • This is a compact and easy to store GoPro case
  • The case fits perfectly on the back of your backpack/carry-on suitcase so you can take it along when you travel
  • The elastic mesh pocket keeps your cables and other small accessories safe and secure
  • There is an efficient carabineer loop so that you can attach the case to a belt or a larger bag
  • The case comes with a specific organizational scheme
  • The foam liner is easy adjustable
  • This is a solid, yet lightweight case
  • The zipper runs smooth along three sides and it comes with two pulls
  • The stitching is good
  • The case is well sized and is not too bulky
  • The price is great

There are only some issues with this case, so here are the cons:

  • The zipper needs to be of better quality
  • The mesh pocket is not that long lasting
  • The instructions that come along are not very clear

None of these cons are deal breakers and you get a good, low priced buy with this GoPro case.

The Top Gopro Protective Case

Sometimes you don’t want just a regular case for your GoPro, you need something that gives extra protection, in any weather conditions. The CamKix Water Resistant Case for GoPro -Compatible with GoPro Hero4, 3+, 3, 2, 1 and accessories keeps your GoPro safe and sound no matter what.

Shop now at

Here are my pros:

  • The exterior of this case is entirely waterproof thanks to the DWR (durable water repellent) treatment so that the water runs off the case
  • There is a high-quality pre-cut EVA interior that gives compartments for GoPro Hero 1,2,3, 3+ plus housing, SD memory card, battery, power plus, remote control, LCD, housing backdoors
  • The elastic mesh pocket helps you keep your cables, small devices safe and secure
  • This is great for home storage and travel just as well
  • The handle and the carabineer loop are great for carrying the case around or simply attach it to a belt or a larger bag
  • There is protective outer shell and a soft foam interior
  • The case is tough and yet lightweight
  • The outside of the case is made of long lasting nylon mesh
  • The case comes with microfiber cloth that helps you clean and dry your GoPro camera and accessories
  • There are also anti-fog inserts so that your GoPro housing remains moisture free, no matter how cold or humid the conditions get
  • The zipper of the case is also waterproof as it’s covered by a 2-part rubber seal
  • The case is sturdy and has a good built
  • It’s easy to customize the case and the inserts let you get the perfect fit for your camera and accessories
  • The color and texture of the case are nice
  • You get more space for storing between the top and the bottom part

There are some minor aspects on the case that could use some improvement:

  • The interior mesh pouch is opaque so you can’t really see what you store
  • There is a strong rubber smell in the beginning, but it fades away after few days
  • The size of this case could be better

Other than that, this is a good case for storing and protecting your GoPro and its accessories.

Best Gopro Storage Case

When you need more space for your GoPro and its additional gear, go for a case that gives no less than 2 layers for storing your gear. This Supremery Sup320 Water-resistant Case for Gopro Hero 4 / 3+ / 3/2/1, Sj4000 Sj5000 meets many of our storing expectations and… much more. Here are our pros:

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  • This case fist GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1 and some other camera models also
  • The case comes with soft foam inlay and precuts for your gear
  • This is a water resistant case so you can carry it under the rain
  • The case may store may of your GoPro accessories: selfie stick, battery, charger, LCD, Wi-Fi remote, tripod and so many others.
  • The upper compartment for the accessories is securely closed with a zipper
  • The zipper runs smoothly and doesn’t clog
  • There is also a big hidden hard case for other camera additional: car holder, suction cups, chest belt
  • The shell is made of molded EVA and it’s both washable and long lasting
  • The shell protects your GoPro from dirt, dust, rain and bumps
  • The two-layer design gives you easy access to all your items
  • The lid is covered with mesh
  • The craftsmanship is high quality
  • The case is sturdy and versatile

There are some minor problems that need some improvement. Here are the cons:

  • There is no shoulder strap
  • The case is not waterproof
  • The outer shell has some flexibility so the risks of some crashing when dropping the case are to be considered

Nevertheless, when you want a case that fits your GoPro and so much more, this is a great option.

The Top Gopro Case for Travel

No trip should happen without great video, so you need to take your GoPro along. Your backpack or your carry-on luggage might have the space to fit the Large Carrying Case for GoPro Hero (2018).

Shop now at

Several other features recommend this case for traveling with the GoPro, besides its main purpose. So here are the pros:

  • This case fits many models of GoPro Hero: 1, 2, 3, 4 and Hero 960
  • There is an inside mesh pocket that protects your gear
  • The mesh pocket has a zippered closure which means security when storing your gear
  • The case is made of waterproof EVA
  • There is a useful hand strap and a carbineer which makes it easy to carry the case
  • The case is sturdy and reliable
  • There are strategically cut foam compartments for a perfect fit for your GoPro and its additional
  • This is great when travelling or backpacking
  • The case is compact and lightweight
  • There is weather tight zipper
  • The materials are high quality and the finish is great
  • The case is well made, with a nice design

Some things on this case are not very well done so I need to mention some cons:

  • There is no insert piece to give a better fit for a GoPro 4
  • The zipper needs to be of better quality
  • There is no shoulder strap for the case
  • There are no size options for this model

Apart from these minor issues, I like the case and use it a lot when traveling.

The Best Case for Gopro and Accessories

No matter how many accessories your GoPro might have, it doesn’t mean you can’t take them all with you when you need them.

In case of floods, or crossing waters, or simply because you want to take your GoPro along when surfing, this Smatree SmaCase GA700-2 Floaty & Watertight Carrying Case with ABS Material for GoPro Cameras and Accessories is going to be keeping it all safe for you.

Shop now at

Apart from keeping your equipment above the water and safe, this case has many other great features. Here are the pros:

  • This fits your GoPro Hero 4/3/3+/3/2 and their accessories
  • It gives good organization and protection for your camera and all the additional
  • It’s made of ABS materials
  • This is a floaty, long lasting, watertight and dust-proof case
  • This is a double-layer case which gives so much space for keeping all the gear protected and organized
  • There is soft and flexible foam on the top that protects your gear from scratching
  • This is one sturdy, heavy duty case
  • This gives protection in case of low temperatures, heat and humidity
  • It’s resistant to shocks, drops
  • There is hidden depth in the top flat
  • The case has a seal that keeps the air tight, protecting against moist air and dust
  • The carabineer loop gives more option for carrying it around

There aren’t many things to complain about this case. Just for the heck of it, I’ll mention these as cons:

  • This case might be too big if you don’t have many accessories
  • The case is a bit bulky and compact so it’s a bit tricky to carry it around

For the price you pay, in case your GoPro has many accessories, this is a great option hands down.

Best Gopro Carrying Case / Best Carrying Case for Gopro

As you probably carry your GoPro around a lot, you need a case that fits not only your camera, but also all the other accessories, all the while protecting your equipment well over shorter and longer trips.

A good option and for a fair price is the Smatree Large case-SmaCase G260sl for Gopro hero, Hero 4,3+,3,2,1 Cameras and Accessories. These are our pros:

Shop now at

  • The EVA foam used in this case is high quality
  • You can choose from various colors and styles
  • There is elastic mesh pocket with a zipper so you win more space for your cables or other accessories
  • There is a comfortable hand strap and a carabiner loop for easier carrying
  • You can also attach the loop to a belt or a large bag
  • You can fit this case in your backpack or a carry-on luggage as it is small and compact
  • The flexible magic foam lets you customize the inside to your taste
  • The foam padding protects really well all the fragile items inside
  • This is a long lasting case
  • There aren’t many labels on the case, the manufacturer is subtle with that
  • This is a strong, rugged case
  • This GoPro case looks professional, not bulky at all

There aren’t many things to mention on the cons side, but a couple are worth mentioning:

  • The case is smaller than expected
  • It’s not flexible and is sometimes difficult to fit in a backpack

All in all, this is a good GoPro case to take whenever you’re traveling.

Best Pelican Case for Gopro

If you want a sturdy, heavy duty, built like a tank Pelican case for your GoPro, you won’t go wrong with the Pelican 1200 Case with Foam for Camera.

Shop now at

There are many nice features to this case so here are our pros:

  • This case keeps watertight through the use of a tongue
  • It has a groove fit and a polymer O-ring
  • There is standard Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve that releases built up air pressure and keeps the water out
  • The Pick N’Pluck foam of the Pelican case gives you to customize it on your likings and needs
  • There is a single folding front handle that makes it easy carrying the case around
  • There is a sturdy built to this case
  • There is the distinctive “twin-ribbed” top surface, which makes it Pelican all the way
  • There are only stainless pins used for hinges and handles
  • The Double-Throw latches are easy to open
  • The case gives you the chance to organize your GoPro and its additional
  • The flexible cell foam gives you freedom when customizing it

As much as we like this Pelican case, some things need to be improved. So here are our cons:

  • You need to really plan your customization
  • The cell foam doesn’t hold up when whittled down to 1×1 square between sections
  • The case need horizontal crosscut to allow vertical custom
  • The clamps are a bit difficult to operate sometimes
  • The case doesn’t fit a tripod
  • If you have many GoPro accessories, you need to get a larger Pelican model

All in all, this Pelican case fits your GoPro Hero (all the models, including the 4) and adds heavy duty protection to your gear.


The Top GoPro Case Bag

If a case is not what you want for your GoPro and you feel the need to carry everything in a comfortable bag, you can give it a shot with the GoScope Pro Flex Case – Roll & Go Storage Bag.

Shop now at

This bag fits especially your GoPro 4, but you can easily fit a GoPro 3+ and a GoPro 4. The pros are:

  • The bag fits easily and securely 2 GoPro cameras
  • You get many pockets and compartments to store your gear
  • There are 4 small, 4 mediums and 4 large pockets for the accessories
  • The bag is made of long lasting nylon
  • You can use this out in the rain as it’s water repellent coated
  • There are plenty of elastic straps and carabineer D-rings that help you organize securely your items
  • The vertical hanging hook is useful when in need
  • The zipper pockets and the pole storage simply gives you more space for your camera’s additional
  • The role and go design gives you easy access to all of your gear
  • The bag is well made and sturdy
  • The flexibility of the bag is amazing
  • There is strong Velcro and heavy duty buckles that keep everything secure
  • The bag is lightweight and easy to carry around, especially when travelling

As much as we like this bag, there are some minor issues that need to be kept in mind. So here are our cons:

  • The pockets are not see-through and when you store so many things it gets annoying not to be able to see what you’re looking for
  • The straps are not long enough so it’s difficult to store the bulkier items
  • This bag works best for the flat accessories. It’s difficult to fit a suction cup, for instance

All in all, this is definitely a great bag for your GoPro.

In case you have an older GoPro model, you can try this bag as well.

Best Small GoPro Case

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and you just need to grab your GoPro and its essentials, so a small case is all you need. The Smatree G75 Small Case for GoPro Hero and Accessories is the one to get in circumstances like this, but there’s more to it than its small size.

Shop now at

Here are our pros:

  • This case comes with compartments for One GoPro Hero, Hero 4/3+/ 3/2 and the small accessories
  • The mesh pocket with zipper gives more storage options for your cables or other accessories
  • There is a carabiner for an easier carrying
  • The loop of the case lets you attach it to a belt or other large bag
  • You can fit this in your backpack or a carry-on luggage
  • The pre-cut interior foam gives protection to your GoPro and accessories
  • This case fits along your GoPro Hero 2/3/3+/4 the battery, power plus, remote control, battery pack and LCD
  • There is hidden place for storage in the top flap of the case
  • This is long lasting and comes with removable sections
  • The foam padding protects all your small gear

There aren’t many issues with this small case, but we do need to mention the few:

  • The case is a bit too compact
  • The foam could be of higher quality as it seems a tad flimsy at the moment
  • There is no protection for the front or back of the camera
  • The case is not tough enough

But, for an emergency situation or everyday carry, this case could fit your GoPro needs perfectly.

Best Large GoPro Case

For the times you want to travel and take away your GoPro with you, a very sturdy option is the Extra Large Carrying Case for GoPro Hero 4.

Shop now at

There are many good things to outline about to this case, so here are our pros:

  • The Magic Foam interior customizes it on your likings and needs
  • The instructions on how to customize the interior are easy to follow and the entire process is quite easy
  • This case fits up to 6 GoPro HERO4 cams or up to 8 GoPro Hero 4 session cams
  • There is an Extra Accessory Flap between the top and the bottom part and this helps you organize even better your items
  • The outside of the case is made of long lasting nylon mesh. This doesn’t break easily as it’s rather strong
  • The case is lightweight
  • The shoulder strap is detachable and made of strong car belt material
  • There is comfort when carrying this around thanks to the padding from the shoulder strap
  • The stripes for customizing the inside of the case are reusable
  • The foam inserts are small and easy to remove
  • The foam compartment is highly versatile
  • The mesh pocket has a horizontal zipper

Some things could be improved on this case, so here are our cons:

  • There is no padding in the zipper area
  • The strap is kind of slippery
  • The zippers are ok, but not YKK
  • The divider between the two compartments is cloth covered, which is not long lasting
  • The D-rings on the handle are not straight

But, for the price you pay, you are covered on the next trips with your GoPro.

The Top Hard Case for GoPro

If you’re looking for a hard case that is small enough for carrying around and big enough to fit all of your gear, the Go Professional Pro Watertight Rugged Case for HD GoPro Camera is a good buy.

No products found.

No products found.

Here are our pros:

  • This is a watertight, rugged and dust proof hard case
  • There are 4 skeleton doors
  • The case gives you large cavity for the large items like suction cups or head gear
  • The case is both lightweight and heavy duty at the same time
  • It has a good design and a strong built
  • There is a lightweight O-ring seal
  • The case contains customized foam cavities for your accessories
  • There is valve stainless steel hardware for this case
  • The top piece of the case is pre-cut to hold your GoPro
  • The case is waterproof
  • There is good padding in the case for better protection of the gear

There are some things that bother us about this case, so here are the cons:

  • The bottom is not as deep as pictured
  • The top slot on the top tray has no top side so you need to be extra careful when handling the case

Even so, this hard case is still a great option for protecting your precious camera.

The Top Soft Case for GoPro

Some like a soft case for their GoPro and its accessories, that’s easy to fit in a bag or backpack and move around. A high quality choice is the GoPole Venturecase – Weather Resistant Soft Case for GoPro HERO Cameras that has many nice features.

Shop now at

Here are its pros:

  • You get 2 camera compartments in this case
  • The case fits all GoPro Hero cameras and camera strap for a better securing of your cameras
  • The case contains also a large accessory compartment where you can store the additional
  • There are also 2 mesh pockets to hold your batteries, remotes and hold clips
  • The zip pocket is designed for storing safely the cables, memory cards
  • The case is made of long lasting materials, waterproof zippers and canvas backing
  • This case is ready to stand difficult weather conditions just as well
  • There’s high quality craftsmanship used for this case
  • The case gives good organization for your items
  • There is enough space for the larger items like suction cups
  • The case comes with a Lifetime Warranty. That’s how confident the manufacturer is with its product!

As for the parts we didn’t like that much, here they are:

  • The dividers are stitched in place so you can’t customize the case on your likings
  • The case could use more zippers
  • The size could be bigger also
  • This is not a carry case, but you’re fine for the short distances
  • The case is a bit pricey

But, in the end, this is a case that you buy for a lifetime, so it’s a good investment of your money.

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