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Before you start, take a look at my articles on the Best GoPro Accessories and Best GoPro Gimbal if you haven’t already. Or, for a handy bag to put your GoPro in, check out the page with my careful selection of camera backpacks.

GoPro announced that it is coming to the quadcopter/drone industry soon. Until then, we have to look at the ones available now on the market. And it seems that companies like XIRO and XproHeli did a pretty good job by creating high quality quadcopters for GoPro cameras.

XIRO Xplorer for GoPro Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro with 3 Axis Gimbal — G Version

I found the XIRO Xplorer Aerial Quadcopter with a 3 axis gimbal to be one of the best from this category of price. It has a lot of functionalities and comes at a great price. I really love the battery pack that comes with the quadcopter. It is a 5200 mAh lithium-polymer that can fly almost 30 minutes on a single charge.

It has a high precision 3 axis camera stabilization system that I think is pretty good, although not perfect. You are much closer to perfection with the one on the XproHeli down below. Two funny features are the FollowMe and CircleMe that allows you to take air selfies.

Keep in mind that it only works with the GoPro Hero4 model so you don’t find yourself returning it because you had a Hero3 or Hero3+. I think it would have been pretty easy to make it compatible with all models but that’s it. You can’t have them all.

All in all a great choice if you want good quality at a decent price.

A version with a standalone camera

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Video Camera

This one doesn’t require to own a GoPro because it has its own 4k camera. If what you are looking for is exclusively quality and no hassle with mounting any GoPro this can’t be a wrong choice. There are a lot of professional filmmakers that use this quadcopter in their productions.

An average quadcopter for GoPro

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 Bundle, 3-Axis Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal for GoPro Hero 4 Black (White)

Well, I do not fully say it’s bad because it has some good parts but I tend to think that the bad parts come up more and can ruin what should have been a pleasant and fun experience.

The Good:

  • High-quality image resolution
  • Pretty popular, so you can find more info about it on the internet although you won’t be getting a thing from the customer support.
  • Easy to configure and change different parts, especially the rotor blades
  • Better looking than many other quadcopters

I won’t be entering into great detail but these are the downgrades which I found to be really upsetting:

The Bad:

  • Probably the worst part is the remote and its issues, the quadcopter loses signal from the remote very fast and doesn’t respond to all commands making it easy to drift away and crash. There are a lot of guys that lost both the quadcopter and GoPro because of this.
  • Lousy stabilization. Unexpected shakes that ruin the video.
  • Worst customer service ever.

I consider that DJI still has a long way to go until they fully figure out how to make an user-friendly drone/quadcopter. Although I should be more understandable since the drone market is a new one and this is to expect from nearly all manufacturers. But I consider that as a buyer it is absolutely necessary to be aware of these aspects, both the negative and positive before making the purchase.


XProHeli ProPack XP2 Quadcopter with GPS for Professional GoPro Hero 3 or 4 Aerial Video


Ok, why would you spend so much money on a GoPro quadcopter when there are lots of models that seem to be good enough? Simple, the answer is professionalism. If you had a quadcopter before you may know how frustrating it is to fly it out of range and eventually smash it to the ground or have quality concerns like parts that don’t stay in place. I am going to show below one quadcopter that I recommend you not to buy in order to stay out of trouble.

As said before this quadcopter only deals with professional parts like the SteadyGo 3 Axis High torque brushless gimbal, that provides an incredibly good stabilization and super smooth footage. You can also run ND filters or other accessories.

The modular design makes it easy to replace parts whenever needed. Although you might think that a carbon fiber casing would be better, the aluminum will always be better on impacts because it will bend back straight unlike carbon fiber that snaps on hard impacts.

What I personally like the most is the Top of the line Spektrum DX9 channel radio that stores up to 30 models. It offers an incredibly reliable control of up to ½ mile range.

There is a lot to discover on this quadcopter and you can do so only by having one. If what you want is nothing but quality the XproHeli XP2 Quadcopter is the quadcopter you should go for.



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    Is xiro explorer compatible with gopro hero 5?

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