Best Green Screen Backgrounds and Kits Of 2018

-Best Green Screen Photo and Video studio kits with lighting-

In this selection, I included some of the best green screen kits commonly known as chroma key backgrounds for various applications like green screen photography, video and more. The green screen kits and backgrounds presented in this review also include basic lighting and accessories for an easy setup to get you up and running in no time.

Find the Best Green Screen Kit

No matter if you want to create your own best photo studio kit or just want to shoot YouTube videos on a green screen, I got you covered with kits ranging from affordable to expensive. The lighting and additional features of every kit start from basic to more complicated in order for you to pick the one that fit your needs best.

I also included green backdrops without any other accessories included if you want to save money and you are capable of setting the whole shooting environment by yourself. So now you may be asking yourself what is the best green screen kit?

Without further ado, let’s see which are the best green screen backgrounds with kits on the market at the moment.

-Best Green Screen Background Kit for the Money-

Three Prism 10×20′ 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrops and The Ravelli Full Size 10×12′ Background Stand Set

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The first on our list is the Ravelli Set featuring three Prism Green Screen Backdrops. The whole set is composed of the stand, the backdrops, carrying bags for all the components and other small accessories for an easy secure of the backgrounds on the stand.

A good aspect of the 100% cotton material used in the manufacturing of the backgrounds is that it is heavier and will stand stiffer on the stand thus producing fewer wrinkles than other materials. The support is sturdy and simple to assemble without any help. This is great if you want to get up and running in no time.

The carrying bags are made of good quality materials which will probably last for long periods of time. The same with the backdrops and other accessories. I am not saying they are top of the line but for the money, this is probably the best green screen background kit.

While in this set you won’t receive any lighting it is still one of the best green screen background sets in the price range. If you want a complete set with lighting you can check out the one below.

-Best Complete Green Screen Background Kit-

LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Light Kit – Includes Chromakey Studio Background Screen (Green Black White)

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If you want a kit that includes everything from the stand to the light diffusers and all the necessary accessories then you should definitely check out this LimoStudio green screen background kit.

It comes with three 6 X 9 muslin backdrops. The stand is very sturdy and it is made of heavy-duty materials, so steadiness will most definitely not represent a problem. While the carrying bags that come with this kit are made of premium materials which at first glance might seem heavy, they are actually surprisingly lightweight.

Along the light stands, and the umbrella lighting reflectors the company even included the lightbulbs so you won’t have to bother searching for additional accessories.

What I like the most about this kit is that most components are flexible and adjustable while of high-quality at the same time. You can make adjustments of the light head for an optimum light stream, height adjustments of the light stand and so on.

Again, I would recommend this kit to those who want something complete for creating a semi-professional photography or video studio. Besides this it also comes at a great price so

Excelvan Photography Photo Portrait Studio Continuous Lighting Kit 1250W Daylight Umbrella + Backdrop Support Stand (10×6.5 ft) + 3 Background (9×6 ft, White Black Green)

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Another excellent green screen kit is this one, coming with a large variety of accessories at a good price.

The items are of reasonably good quality although I wouldn’t say anything in the package had a premium feel or look.

Among other things the kit includes:

  • Quality backdrop stand
  • Light stand
  • 33 inches umbrella
  • Pure white light bulbs
  • Three 9X6 feet muslin backdrops (green, black, white)

The only disadvantage with this kit is that not all components come with carrying bags, at least that is what I experienced. It probably varies from seller to seller but from what I know this kit lacks the carrying bags for the stand and accessories.

All in all this is a great kit for beginners or semi-professional which do not want to spend a lot of money on a standard green screen backdrop kit.

Prism Backdrops by Ravelli 10×20′ (9×18′ after pre-shrinkage) Chromakey Green Muslin Photo Video Backdrop Background 100% Cotton

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If all you want is the green screen backdrop material then here you go. One of the finest quality backdrops I could find on the market coming at a reasonable price.

It is made out of 100% cotton and it offers great value for the money, especially if you can set the rest up by yourself without a dedicated stand and lighting.

Overall considering the material quality, the price, and the overall experience with this company I consider it one of the best green screen backgrounds.

Chromakey Green Screen Kit 800w Photo Video Lighting Kit 10×12

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While at the beginning I didn’t like the idea of a single green backdrop. I started to like this kit after I have seen that the results are pretty good compared to other green screens which leak light and present various other drawbacks like build quality and stuff like that.

Of course, the Limo Studio Chroma Key kit might not be top of the line professional but I think it goes with the saying “only a bad workman blames his tools”. So I do not see why a professional photographer or video maker could not make good use of this kit.

Speaking of components, the following should be in the package, but these probably vary from one seller to another:

  • One 10X12 feet green background
  • Backdrop support stand
  • Two 33 inches umbrellas with light stands
  • Carrying bag for the backdrop
  • Light Bulbs and AC adapters

A good aspect of this kit is that the light bulbs included are very bright and the umbrellas let through an optimum amount of light for great results in both photography and videography.

That’s pretty much it. Is this the absolute best green screen background kit? Probably not. Is it at least one of the best ones in this price range. I would definitely say yes.

Square Perfect 4037 Professional Quality 10 x 13 Feet Chromakey Green Screen Muslin Backdrop

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There is not much to say about this item. You might already own all the infrastructure and only need a green background to complete it, or you know you can make your own set by yourself. Either way, if you do not need all the accessories or stands from the previous kits then this chroma key background offers great quality for a reasonable price.

It is made out of pure cotton and it measures 10X13 feet.

What is the Best Green Screen Software?

Nowadays there are various professional video editing tools that provide amazing effects and abilities like green screens. These video editing tools can be expensive if you’re not careful. But there are also some great free video editing software available.

Free Green Screen Video Editing Software


A simple and plain video editor for you to use in any way, be it commercial or personal use. It provides special effects which allow users to create lively pieces of video. Chroma key composting and 3d effects are included and another great feature for Wax is that its main use can either be as a plugin to assist your effects in applying them in your main video editor software or simply as a stand-alone green screen software.

2.VSDC Free Video Editor

A capable green screen software with many functions such as drawing and selection tools and various colors and lighting corrections, transitions, audio effects, filters that’s useful to your current project and more. VSDC Free Video Editor is one of the few freeware video editor programs that can do green screen editing.


A green screen editing software that is fast processing and versatility and not to mention free. Although VirtualDub is not as compelling as many other editing software titles, it can offer basic video editing such as swap audio tracks, adjust, trim clips, and add the filters along the inclusion of basic green screen option.


Every new Mac you purchase, iMovie comes as a default app already installed inside. An application that makes your moving images together in a dynamic-looking production. It gives a simple timeline, built-in sound, animation and many easy-to-use effects including green screen effect together with the usual basic video editing functions such as rotate, trim, crop, split and more.

5.ZS4 Video Editor

The new and updated look of Zwei-Stein green screen editor. ZS4 Video Editor an advanced video editing tool and is now one of the best green screen app with over 150 built-in video effects including excellent color and chroma key. You can also add unlimited tracks and sub-composites, compose controls to audio waveforms, customize the width and height of the output video, slave effects, and more.

Thanks for reading my review on the best green screen chroma key backgrounds and kits and see you next time for more comparisons, reviews, and selections!

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