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Note: this page is reviewing commercial-grade paper cutting machines. If you’re looking for a machine for light or domestic use, see our die cutter page or vinyl cutter page. Or the Cricut Explore reviews, or the Cricut model comparisons page. Else, read on.

History of The Industrial Paper Cutter

The paper cutting machine appeared right after the paper was invented. There was the need to sort paper and other materials (plastic, cardboard) to give them the final desired size and form. It sounds incredible, but the first model of the industrial paper cutting machine comes from 6th century China.

Later when the paper cutting machine expanded to Europe, France was the first one to use it.

Paper cutting stands in the middle as it’s an art and an industry at the same time. There are actually experts who are specialized in paper cutting. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to have an office running without a good paper cutting machine, let alone a shop or business. You can get great cut materials if you’re creative enough.

On the other hand, you can even cut paper into various forms and later on fold them together.

Kirigami was the first attempt at intricate paper cutting and was used to make the difficult origami figures.

Why get an Industrial Paper Cutter?

If you simply want to save some money for your business and print some business cards, invitation cards, then a low priced paper cutter suits your needs. You may also go for a more expensive model if you want to do all the printing at once. But, if you need to cut paper daily, all day long, it’s sure you need an industrial paper cutting machine.

A good paper cutting machine does the job it was designed for in the first place and you shouldn’t go cheap if you are planning to use it daily.

Which Industrial Paper Cutter Should You Get?

You may find various kinds of models on the market when it comes to a paper cutting machine. The commercial paper cutters give better performances than the regular document and paper trimmers. The non-heavy industry end users go for an easy to use a compact paper cutter. You may cut a big amount of documents, fast and precisely.

The stack paper cutters are the most popular model for the paper cutting industry. This type of machines is definitely a commercial paper cutter and many manufacturers offer you good choices. This kind of paper cutting machine is designed to cut cardstock, reams of paper. You may find manual, semi-auto and fully-automatic versions. The powered stack cutters come also in electric-powered and hydraulic-powered options.

The guillotine paper trimmers aren’t exactly commercial paper cutters, but the Krimmer guillotine trimmers surely perform as one. The “arm style” paper trimmers are in fact able to cut stacks of paper, giving accuracy and safety for the cutting. The guillotine paper trimmer has safety features to give you smooth use when using. 

Even though they don’t cut large volumes of papers, the Rota trim technical rotary paper cutters can cut large sheets of paper. This type of cutting machine is the no.1 choice for the architects, drafters, sign makers and so on. You may find manual and electric versions for this type of cutting machines. You may also find wall-mounted models.

The best paper cutters are considered to be guillotine and rotary cutters. The stack paper cutter is another great option especially for the owner with minimal resources. This type of paper cutter gets through paper, card, plastic and many other sheet materials. You need some physical power, but you may find also semi-automatic or full-automatic models.

Take the right measurements

All types of paper cutting machines come with inbuilt security items like plastic covers to cover the blade so that you may cut safe and sound. Paper cutting machines are supposed to offer easy and safe use, even by the non-experienced user. It’s almost impossible to cut yourself with the blade while working these machines, but…accidents may happen.

Any type of paper cutting machine lets you take the correct measures for accuracy on cutting. The fixing tools are a big help as they keep the paper steady and support you in getting the perfect cut.

The paper cutting machines are made of metal so they have a massive body and quite some strength. There is high-quality metal for the blade so the paper cutting machine is long lasting just as well. You may change the blade after a while and there’s also the possibility to develop your own style of paper cutting blade.

Luckily, there are manufacturers out there that created paper cutting machines that meet highest expectations even for the pickiest customers.

Best 3 Industrial Paper Cutter Reviews

For the heavy-duty jobs in your business, a good, reliable and strong paper cutting machine is the S19″ Electric Paper Cutter. Here are its pros:

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  • This is a heavy duty paper cutter for the small businesses that need high efficiency
  • The paper cutter gives a maximum cutting length of 24”
  • You may cut with the cutter a stack of sheets of paper up to 3.93” thick
  • The paper cutter may perform up to 19 cycles per minute
  • This comes with high set-up automation
  • The cutter features a user-friendly 5” icon-based touch-screen
  • The touch-screen displays all settings for automated setup
  • The work table is highly polished and chrome-plated for longer lifespan even when heavily used
  • The work table gives a smooth, friction-free surface for lift travel
  • The two-speed motor system places precisely the back gauge and gives high accuracy on cutting
  • The base is made of heavy metal
  • The base is sturdy and solid
  • The hydraulic paper clamp helps you getting the accurate cutting
  • The false clamp plate is available to avoid the pressure marks on your sheets
  • The clamping is hydraulically powered
  • There is automatic back gauge adjustment
  • The center-driven back gauge system is dustproof so that you get precise performance and maximum lifespan
  • The paper cutting machine has a 99 step job memory
  • There are great program functions as Even Divide Cutting, Repeat Cutting, Compressing or Total Cutting
  • The cutter has a 3.1 seconds/cut speed
  • It’s easy and safe to change the knife angle and cutting depth from front of cutter
  • There is foot pedal that comes standard
  • The foot pedal lets you check the cut line before the actual cut as it firmly clamps the paper
  • The cutter is safe to use as it’s activated only when the two cut buttons are simultaneously presses within a half of a second of each other.
  • The cutter stops and the knife automatically returns to home position if either of the two buttons is released in the middle of a cutting sequence
  • Knife angle and cutting depth adjustments are easily done on the front side of the cutter.

When it comes to the cons, we only think of the shipping fees as the cutter weighs 1,600 pounds and that is quite some weight.

As there are no wheels or other ways to carry it around except by lifting, you need to give a very good thought to where you’re going to place the cutter as it does take some place and it’s difficult the move around.

Another great option for your business is the Triumph 721-06 LT Paper Cutter. Giving precise cuts and safe operation, the cutter comes with many other features.

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Here are the pros:

  • The cutter has a hydraulic blade and clamp drive
  • The swing-out blade gives an accurate motion
  • The width of the cutting is 28 inches and the cutting height is 3 inches
  • There is high storage capacity for the cutter
  • The cutting knife is HSS Solingen steel
  • The cutter comes with solid steel blade carrier also
  • The cutter features an integrated calculator
  • The LED display stores 99 programs (up to 99 steps each)
  • You may integrate up to 9 repeat cuts into a program in a single step
  • The digital measurement readout is in cm or inches
  • The control module gives repeat cut, eject and memory functions as well
  • The self-diagnostic system informs you on errors
  • The cutter features front safety beams
  • The Triumph 721-06 has push buttons to move back gauge forward or backward
  • The false clamp and foot pedal are efficient for pre-clamping
  • The air jets give easy movement of the sheets when cut
  • The front and rear work surface is made of durable stainless steel
  • The cutter is all-metal built
  • The cutter comes with all-inclusive SCS (Safety Cutting System) safety package
  • You may use the optional side tables for more workspace
  • The optional side tables are also made of stainless steel
  • The cutter has automatic measuring correction
  • You may delete and insert mode when you need to modify program steps
  • The cutter gives accurate, high-performance cutting
  • The Triumph is versatile and incredibly flexible
  • There is an electronic wheel for manual back gauge setting
  • The cutter comes with narrow separations and plastic gliders for smooth repositioning and accuracy
  • The cutter is electronically controlled
  • There is true two-hand operation on this
  • The cutter has disc brake for instant blade stop
  • You may change the blade and cutting stick without removing covers
  • The blade depth adjustment is made from outside of the machine

When it gets to the part we don’t like that much, we can only mention that the cutter is a compact, solid, almost non-moveable block that takes quite some place. But then, you won’t put it in your home, will you? 🙂

In case you want top performance from your paper cutting machine, but you also want a model with a lightweight feel to it, the Triumph 6660 Paper Cutter is a great choice. It is more convenient since it is a commercial paper electric cutter. Here are the pros:

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  • The cutter gets through 25 3/5 inches cutting width, that is parent stock
  • The blade is electric
  • The cutter comes with high storage capacity
  • The programmable EP back gauge control module features 10 button keypad
  • The LED display stores 99 programs (each with 99 steps)
  • The cutter has control module features that repeat cut and eject functions
  • You may integrate up to 9 repeat cuts into a program in a single step
  • The digital measurement readout is in cm or inches
  • The clamp is automatic
  • The clamp is guided on both sides to apply even pressure along entire cutting width
  • You may lower or raise the width independently from blade
  • The cutter has dual side guides on front and rear tables
  • The spindle-guided back gauge has narrow separations and plastic gliders
  • The electronic hand wheel has variable speed control for manual back gauge setting
  • The cutter has bright, LED optical cutting line
  • The self-diagnostic system displays any errors
  • The sharp blade is made of Solingen steel
  • The cutter comes with a solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides
  • The MBM is all made of metal
  • The cutter has a stand with useful storage shelf
  • The Easy Cut System ensures that the blade and clamp are activated independently with the help of activating bars
  • There are trigger points on the activating bars
  • The trigger points make the two hand operation safe
  • The cutter is SCS approved (Safety Cutting System) because of the IR safety curtain
  • The safety curtain comes with IR light barrier, placed on the front table
  • Thanks to the safety curtain, if anything penetrates the light beam safety curtain, operation instantly stops
  • The cutter comes with safety cover on the rear table, main switch and safety lock
  • The handy tool holder and the blade changing device are useful and efficient
  • The tool holder is placed on the back table
  • The tool holder keeps all tools needed for blade changes and service jobs together, reachable and organized
  • It’s easy and safe to change the sharp blade 
  • The touchpad makes the operation very easy
  • The touchpad is multilingual
  • The cutter also comes with an electronic hand wheel for accurate manually positioning of the back gauge
  • The hand wheel has amazing variable speed control, from very slow to very fast
  • The cutter is ergonomic and is only 37 inch working height
  • The cutter comes with side tables for more working surface

As for the parts were not very fond of, there isn’t any to mention. The MBM has a cutting width of 25 ½ inches, which might not be enough for some of the businesses out there.

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