Canon PowerShot SX610 HS: A Snapshot Review

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

Long gone are the days of rolls of film and trying to remember which canister held the used film and which one had the new roll. Today we have digital cameras and every now and again a model comes along and revolutionizes the market. The Canon PowerShot SX610 HS 20.2 MP Compact Digital Camera - 1080p - Red is one such model.

With a lightweight a slim profile and advanced features normally found on thousand dollar models, the PowerShot SX610 is a dream come true. Not only is it budget friendly, but it can also make any novice picture taker into a professional photographer.

 This article aims to showcase the features and capabilities of the PowerShot SX610 HS to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you decide to purchase the Canon PowerShot, you will know exactly what you are getting.

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS 20.2 MP Compact Digital Camera - 1080p - Red Design

The overall design of the camera is sleek and stylish. It is a compact digital camera that can easily be stored in a pocket or handbag. There are several aspects of the camera that Canon introduced to help with the design, usability, and portability of the camera.

The slim build of the camera frame makes it easily stowed. You can place the camera in a hip or shirt pocket and pull it out whenever you need to snap a picture or video. The retractable lens and pop-up flash also help with this.

The rectangular shape is sleek and smooth when turned off and will only open and expand the lens and flash when powered on and the flash is activated. The one pound weight allows it to be carried for long periods without causing strain or slowing down activities.

Here's a great video of the camera in action

Features and Specifications

The Canon PowerShot SX610 HS is packed full of features and options. There are a few that have been omitted to help keep the cost affordable, as well. This chart will show you everything you get.



6.3 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches


1 Pound



Shooting Modes


Intelligent Image Stabilization Modes

8 (4 still, 4 video)


18x Optical


Near Field Communication Built In

WiFi Capabilities


Image Sync


Remote Shooting


Mobile Device Connect


Canon Connect Capable

Canon Connect Station CS100

CMOS Sensor

20.2 mega-pixel

Image Processor

Digic 4+

HS Low Light Speeds

ISO Up to 3200

Video Resolution

Up to 1080p HD


High Resolution (922,000 dots) 3 inch LCD

Creative Shot Mode


Hybrid Auto


Smart AUTO


Auto Zoom




Flip LCD


External Memory

Yes (Not Included)

USB Cord



1 Year (more depending on purchase plan)

Features Details

Some of the features or options could use a little more clarification. We will talk about a few of the more obscure ones here, so you aren’t left in the dark.

1. Shooting Modes

The Canon SX620 offers 19 different shooting modes. These include all modes for still photos and video recordings. The camera has intelligent sensors and a few of the shooting modes take the guesswork out of the shot procedure.

 Combined with auto zoom and smart AUTO your shots can look professional quality, even if the subject is in motion or far away.

The 19 modes of the SX610 HS are:

  • Smart AUTO – The camera selects the best mode automatically based on the scene and subject in view.
  • Movie Digest & Hybrid Auto- Every time you take a photo the camera also takes a video. When the mode is deselected the camera then makes a mini-movie automatically.
  • Program – Let the camera decide the best shutter speed and optimization factors for a crisp shot.
  • Creative Shot – Scans the captured image and automatically applies five different filters.
  • Portrait – Focus on the subject with an automatically blurred background.
  • Smart Shutter – Scans the subject(s) and will take the photo when they smile or enter the frame.
  • High-Speed Burst - Allows for quick-succession of photos to be taken at high speed while the button is depressed. Great for frame-by-frame images.
  • Handheld Night Scene – Image stabilization during low-light photo shoots.
  • Low Light - Adjusts for dim lighting situations for a clearer, less grainy shot.
  • Fisheye Effect – Gives the image a classic fisheye effect without adding a fisheye lens.
  • Miniature Effect - Blurs the top and bottom to focus on perspective.
  • Toy Camera Effect – Pinhole effect with darkened edges.
  • Monochrome – Allows you to choose from three color tones: Black-and-White, Sepia, or Blue.
  • Super Vivid – Enhances bright colors.
  • Poster Effect – Combines similar colors in edges to make subjects pop.
  • Snow – Removes the bluish tint from snow scene shots.
  • Fireworks – Creates color bursts resembling fireworks.
  • Long Shutter - Blurs moving subjects for artistic images.
  • Movie – Records videos.
  • 2. Intelligent Image Stabilization (IS)

    Canon IS has eight modes, four for each of video and still shots. The IS feature allows you to capture images without the use of a tripod and maintain a level and balanced shot. There are tripod settings as well that allow the camera to adjust when it senses a tripod is attached.

  • Normal IS – Auto Corrects for most handheld shots.
  • Panning IS – Detects panning modes, so IS doesn't affect camera movements.
  • Macro (Hybrid) IS – Corrects shift-type movements when shooting in macro mode.
  • Tripod – Disables IS when a tripod is detected.
  • Dynamic – Effectively eliminates shaking while shooting videos that can occur while walking.
  • Powered – Corrects magnified shake when the video is zoomed out.
  • Macro (Hybrid) IS – Corrects both motion blur and maco-shake when recording video.
  •  Active Tripod IS- Detects tripod is attached and will help minimize camera shake.

    3. WiFi and Near Field Communications (NFC)

    With the built-in Bluetooth NFC, you don’t need to spend time finding and opening the Canon Connect app on your mobile phone. Simply touch the NFC icon on the camera to your cell phone and the app will automatically launch and start.

    With the built-in WiFi, you are instantly connected to all of your wireless devices. This includes other PowerShot cameras and PictBridge enabled printers. You can also instantly upload images and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online outlets.

    You even have the ability to upload your images directly from the camera to an online photo album using the Cannon Connect Mobile app.

    4. 18x Optical Zoom

    Sometimes you are too far away from the action to get a clear shot of the subject. With the 18x optical zoom, you will be right in the middle of the action.

    Now you can have the 35mm zoom radius up to 450mm without moving from your seat. Catch all the action on the field, and zoom into your little ball player with a clear, crisp image as if you were on the field yourself.

    The lens works in combination with chromatic aberration, the high-resolution sensors and image stabilization to provide clear images at any zoom range.

    5. Image Sync and Remote Shooting

    With Image sync you can send your images to the cloud with the Canon Image Gateway and then transfer them to a tablet, computer or mobile device for viewing, uploading or sharing.

    You can also pair your mobile device with the camera and use your mobile phone or tablet to control the camera. All of the functions are available through the Canon Connect app. You will be able to use the zoom, flash, shutter controls and self-timer from your phone.

     An image of the view field will be displayed on your mobile device and the captured images will be saved to the camera as normal.

    6. Canon Connect Mobile App

    To get the most use out of the camera, aside from taking pictures and shooting video, you should download the Canon Connect Mobile app. It is a free download for Android and iOS from their respective app stores.

    It enables you to connect to the PowerShot (as well as other Canon cameras and video recorders) through wireless or Bluetooth technology.

    With the app, you will be able to view and review your images. Transfer them to other devices or upload them to social media sites, web pages, blogs or online photo albums. You will also have the opportunity to add GPS details to your videos and imaging at the time of upload.

     Further, it will allow you to use the Remote Shooting feature. Controlling the zoom, lighting, mode, and aspect ratio and self-timer.


    The camera offers a lot of bonuses and features that other cameras in the price range do not. Some work better than others though. Here are the features we like the best.

  • The slim design makes the camera highly portable and easy to use.
  • The Canon Connect app is continuously updated and improved and is highly intuitive.
  • With over a dozen shooting modes you will feel like a professional photographer without the need for bags full of lenses and devices.
  • Image Stabilization works with or without a tripod and for still shots as well as video.
  • Cons

    Not everything can go as expected and there are some aspects of the Canon PowerShot SX610 HS that aren’t all they are promised to be.

  • The smaller body of the camera makes it more difficult to use if you have larger hands.
  • Low light shots may end up being grainy or blurry.
  • Wireless connection isn’t user-friendly and can be difficult for those that may not be technically inclined.
  • If you don’t select the correct IS mode for the type of shot you are taking, it may not work properly, resulting in blurry images.
  • Pros

    • Highly Portable
    • HIgh Definition for Video
    • Intelligent Image Stabilization


    • Grainy or Blurry Images
    • Too Many Features
    • More Manual Controls

    Reviews, Reports, and Recommendations

    This camera reviewed a wide range of websites. Majority of the reviews, the camera receives high marks, including a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

    Some common issues found were blurry images, grainy pictures from low light situations and too many features to utilize them properly.

    It may be wise to check the user guides and manuals and spend a few hours getting to know the features of the camera.

    For more experienced photographers, the Canon SX610 may not be the best option. More manual controls found in the PowerShot for more automated. However, for the novice, or amateur photographer, the PowerShot SX610 will do a great job.

    Recommended for vloggers and those looking to take videos with an ease that can be uploaded directly to their media channels.

    In Conclusion

    The camera is a reliable and useful digital camera. It is capable of recording video in high definition up to 1080p and still shots with a wide range of lens features. You can zoom up to 450mm with the 18x optical zoom and see your pictures on the 3 inch LCD screen.

    With 19 shooting modes and eight different image stabilization modes. You will be able to take a clear, steady shot any time, whether you use a tripod or not.

     All in all, for the price point the camera sells. The overall user experience is one of excitement and appreciation. You will be able to take pictures and videos at a moments notice and utilizing the mobile app from Canon. You can share them at any time on any social media platform.



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