Best Copic Sketch Markers

Copic sketch markers are imported from Japan and have been long-time favorites of anime and comic artists across the globe. Due to how well they perform, and the level of versatility available, these markers have gained popularity. And are now used by many professional, semi-professional, and hobby artists.

These markers are made with quality, and it can be seen in finished products that were made using these markers.  They are specifically designed to blend well, cover paper evenly, and allow the artist to add depth without oversaturating the medium.

How We Choose Our Ratings

In finding best Copic Sketch, Classic, Ciao, and Wide markers, we had review lots of feedback from users. Although the Copic brand is very reputable and imported from Japan, it was essential to use. The marker kits ensure that every component was of consistent quality regardless of where it was purchased. Our ratings also reflect a variety of use cases, and how the company handled customer service needs.

Top 8 Best Copic Sketch Markers: Classic, Sketch, Ciao, and Wide

Copic Sketch markers come in various sets that include different colors and other nibs for different applications. They are a definite favorite among artists and crafters, and their quality is also extremely high.

When selecting, consider what colors will best suit your needs, and what nibs you would like to experiment with. The options are almost endless, but this our list of top picks for Copic Sketch markers.

  1. Classic Copic Set

5/5 Stars

The Classic set of Copic markers includes 214 colors that are available with multiple nib options. The standard nibs add a fine and broad chisel nib. Superfine point nib, brush nibs, soft nib, broad nibs, semi-broad nibs, fine nibs, round nibs, and calligraphy nibs are available.

Whichever nib you choose, you always have the option to change out nibs at will. This process may be slightly messy. But there are also kits you can buy with different nibs.

  1. 72 Piece Sketch Set A

5/5 Stars

If you are a serious artist looking to work with Copic Sketch markers. Then the Sketch Set A might be just the right combination. This kit features 72 markers that range from brights to pastels and come in a clear plastic case.  

The markers are compatible with the airbrush system by Copic, and they have a total of 358 colors for this type of marker. This particular kit even features a few fluorescent shades but is otherwise very evenly spread across the color spectrum.

They have an oval barrel which has shown to be the most comfortable based on feedback provided by users. This set would be perfect for any illustrator, artist, fashion designer, or architect.


  1. 6-Piece Skin Tones I

4.9/5 Stars

This is an essential Copic marker set which will be drawing or shading a specific range of colors. Skin tone markers are also valuable tools for art with shades of neutrals, whites, or architecture. Their clear plastic case keeps them well contained. It features three light skin tones, two darker skin tones, and one pink tone for brightening and adding depth.

Fashion designers, architects, landscape artists, and portrait artists will find these markers to be welcome additions to their set. And they are compatible with the airbrush system from Copic. Despite there being only six colors, artists should be able to blend and create great visual depth without an issue.

  1. Ciao Copic Marker Set

4.9/5 Stars

The Ciao Copic marker set has a total of 180 color options available. From bright and vibrant hues to more subdued pastels. It is right for an artist looking to create a wide variety of work that requires layering and shading.

These particular markers have child safe caps that have small air holes to provide the correct amount of ventilation. The round barrel is frequently a favorite among artists as it is a comfortable shape in their hands.

These markers come with medium broad chisel nubs and brush nibs which allows for a variety of brushwork and shading. These markers are also refillable, and the nibs can be replaced with your favorite type. They are also compatible with the airbrush system that Copic also sells.

  1. Wide Copic Marker Set

4.8/5 Stars

The Wide Copic marker set differs from the other. In that the barrels are flatter to accommodate the full chiseled tip. The wider tip allows for broader strokes, and potentially the ability to create layered colors across a larger space.

They are available in 36 colors, and refillable ink kits are also available for purchase. The nib can also be used in the narrow end for thinner line drawing. Despite the width and amount of ink coming out, they are still fast drying, with even and consistent strokes. These markers are great for coloring backgrounds, calligraphy, and certain kinds of architectural drawings.

  1. 9-Piece Multiliner B-2

4.8/5 Stars

No Copic marker kit would be complete without the ability to add lines of different widths and with different tips. This 9-piece set comes in a carry pouch and contains all of the markers needed to create black outlines for all kinds of artwork.

Those who work with comics, anime, sketching, architecture, or fashion will find these markers to be a great help in creating well-defined work. The black ink is heavily pigmented, waterproof, and of archival quality just like all other Copic markers.

The pens have a round barrel which allows the artist to have the most control possible when outlining their work. These can also be used for sketch work, black and white pieces, and to add visual depth through the use of lines.

  1. 6-Piece Pale Pastel Sketch Set

4.7/5 Stars

The Pale Pastel Sketch set is an excellent set of Copic Sketch markers that can open up new possibilities for color experimentation. Many of the other sets on this list include pastels, but they also include different colors which some artists may already have.

The Pastel set allows an artist to add on to their set without gaining a bunch of duplicates of colors that they already have. Frequently, pastels are the most challenging color to blend, and can often take up more ink to achieve the proper layered look.

These Copic Sketch markers also offer soft precision, and their oval barrel shape is comfortable in hand. If you plan to do a lot of pastel work, it’s worth picking up a set of these and some extra nibs of your favorite type.

  1. Ciao 72-count Set A

4.6/5 Stars

The Ciao Copic markers come in a handy clear case that keeps them well contained. This set is considered to be a great starter for those who want different nibs than what is in the Sketch set.

With a wide variety of colors, the Ciao set provides bright hues, pastels, and creamy neutrals, including the ability to blend. You can switch out the nibs for other ones you prefer, and the markers are refillable like all of the others.

The Ciao Copic markers have a chisel tip on them instead of the brush like tip of the Sketch version. The tip allows the artist to use more controlled strokes to achieve a different effect. Professional, semi-professional, and hobby artists all love this set, and it provides a good portion of every marker an artist could need.

Buyers Guide

Copic markers are an excellent tool for artists but trying many of them at once can get a little expensive. To decide what set is right for you, consider the following features and choose what best fits your needs.

Pick Your Shape

The Copic Classic, Sketch, and Ciao are either barrel-shaped or round which makes them very comfortable for long periods in the hands of artists. Depending on what effect you are trying to achieve you may also want to experiment with differently shaped nibs, and the Classic set is the best option for that.

With a Classic set, you can try all nine nib types and get an idea for which ones create the effect you prefer. For more extensive applications, you’ll want to consider the Wide Copic markers which allow you to cover a more significant amount of surface area but only come with two nibs.

Choose Colors Wisely

There are many different Copic marker kits available with different varieties of colors. It is common for artists to end up with multiples of each color either through buying overlapping kits or through gifts.

If you are looking for just one kit to purchase, the Classic Copic set is probably your best bet. It has a wide range of colors, the most number of nibs available, and you won’t have to refill them as often as the other types.

When you are choosing colors, however, you should keep in mind what you are most likely to use and select a kit type that has the correct number of markers in the color range you will need most. Although most of the kits offer a wide range, all of those colors may not be useful to someone who works within a narrower range of art applications.

Different Nib Types

Nibs are interchangeable to some extent in the Copic markers, and for each category. The Classic nib options have the most significant number of choices, with nine different nib types. The Sketch, Ciao, and Wide type Copic markers only have two nib options each.

When nibs wear out, you can easily replace them with the same. For example, you wouldn’t want to try putting a Classic nib into a Wide Copic marker.

Nib types can change so that different effects are created and varying amounts of ink applied to the medium. When it’s time to replace a nib on one of your Copic markers, be sure to have a set of tweezers on hand to make the process easy. Copic sells their tweezers that have small teeth on end for extra grip, but ordinary flat tweezers will work just as well.

Refillable Ink

Many people aren’t aware that Copic markers are refillable and that you can purchase ink kits refill. Each bottle of ink refills a marker a different number of times.

For example, one bottle of ink fills a Classic Copic marker about nine times. Sketch markers may be able to refill as much as 12 times from a single bottle of ink, and Ciao is reported refillable 15 times. The wide markers are refilled seven times with one bottle of ink.

Regardless of the size of Copic markers, buying the ink refills is cheaper than buying brand new. Even a cost of additional nibs, you get more mileage out of refilling.

The ink is acid-free, and alcohol-based which makes it an excellent choice for archival quality art applications. It is also non-toxic, and the handy refill kits make refilling easier.

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