Drone Wedding Photography: Everything You Need To Know

Drone photography makes it possible to capture angles you wouldn’t normally be able to capture. It is especially great for video work. While you might have exceptional photographs of your wedding, there’s just something about a flyover or some of the other angles drones can do that an on-the-ground photographer can’t. However, drone wedding photography is not for everyone. So, if this is something that has sparked your interest or you might want to look further into, here are more specifics regarding drone wedding photography.


In wedding photography, just because it is an offered option doesn’t mean it is right for you. You need to carefully consider what it is you’re doing, where you’re wedding is taking place, and whether you really want to pay for the additional service.


First, consider your marriage location. Are you exchanging vows outside? If you’re getting married inside, do you really need drone wedding photography? After all, outside of maybe one or two flyovers when you’re walking out of the church (or other facility) there will not be much of a reason to use a drone.

Let’s assume you are getting married outside; you’ll want to consider the location. Are you getting married somewhere that is naturally beautiful and has a clear sky cover? If you’re getting married in a wooded area, the idea of a drone photography service is something that might sound nice, but if the drone isn’t able to work in and out of the trees, it isn’t all that practical.

Beyond all of this, if you do have clean sky access and your ceremony will be viewable by several angles, you can get great shots of your wedding. Now, your wedding photographer and prime videographer will probably get the vast majority of your footage. The drone will be supplemental footage. It’s basically the cherry on top and not the cake, so keep this in mind. There may only be one or two shots used from the drone within your video montage.


It takes more and more for a wedding photographer to stand out. There are some with exceptionally beautiful photography, an eye for the right angle, and the knowledge to use Photoshop and apply filters to the footage to help make it pop. Only a small percentage of professionals can do this. Most others fall under a basic category of fine, but run-of-the-mill. If you want your video work to stand out from the rest and not look like every other wedding video montage, this is when you’ll consider springing for something extra. You can do this with the aid of a drone.


You should only consider drone wedding photography if you want to pay for the videography services of a professional. This isn’t a service one would use if only hiring a photographer for the wedding. The camera equipment used by the drone will be that of a video camera. While you can opt for the drone for maybe a picture or two, that’s an expensive single picture. It will become the most expensive picture you end up paying for, and yet you won’t be able to see a close up of your face and the emotions you and your significant other are sharing.

While drone wedding photography might sound cool, it may end up being something you just don’t need once you take the time to look at the logistics of everything.


If you are on board with the entire drone wedding photography service, there are a handful of specifics you need to know before pulling the trigger on what is offered.


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What would you say if you ended up paying for a drone service but then later found out a drone isn’t allowed to fly in the area? Most national and even state parks no longer allow the usage of drones. Individual cities have varying laws and requirements as well. So make sure you look into the information and the legal requirements ahead of time. The last thing you want is to pay for a drone service and discover later you aren’t allowed to use it (it also pays to know what the refund policy of the photographer in case of such circumstances).


The drone wedding photography service is not something that is simply added into the wedding package free of charge. This is because it takes a secondary individual to run the drone. They will use a remote control, monitoring where it goes and what it records through a video feed. Often these individuals are behind the scenes as to not be distracted or to have wedding guests talk to them while they are attempting to record everything.

Wherever the individual is located, it will cost extra because another person must be used. There are also extra costs for the added equipment that is used. How much extra will it cost you? That depends on where you’re going, how long it is in use for, and the photography service provider. The drone may only be in use for an hour or two throughout the course of the day. Some locations might charge you for the full day of having a second individual on hand (they’ll probably be given other tasks to take care of so they don’t just fly the drone and then sit around). However, you can expect to at least pay a few hundred dollars extra.

You should also keep in mind you must have another plate at the reception for this individual. It is a common practice to feed the photographer and all the assistants. So, if you’re already dropping $60 or $90 a plate, bringing in an extra photographer will only boost your reception cost by another plate.


The ultimate question you need to answer is whether drone wedding photography is right for you. First, look at where the wedding is taking place. Is it located inside? If so, do you really want to spend a few hundred dollars on a single camera or video camera shot of your wedding party leaving the facility? That’s a good amount of money to pay for a single camera angle that might make up one picture and a few seconds of your video montage.

If you are getting married outside, what is your budget? Do you want to spend a few hundred dollars on this, or will you be better off putting the money into another aspect of the wedding (or the honeymoon)? Weddings are expensive, so you get more satisfaction out of putting the extra money away for a rainy day. If you are willing to pay for the service and are getting married outside, you must find out if drones are allowed where you’re getting married. It might require specific permits to allow you and your wedding party to have drones (which, you guessed it, may increase the price of having drone photography).

Ultimately, drone photography will not make or break the photography and videography of your wedding. It can be used to enhance it and to give you some great-looking footage you wouldn’t normally have access to. It will give the footage a fantastic wow factor, which you might want. It isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to pay for that wow factor, this may be a service you want to consider.


Weddings are expensive. It is possible to spend all kinds of money on the ceremony, the reception, and all the additional professional services you will use over the course of the day. Above everything else, one of the best investments you’ll make for the entire day is with a wedding photographer. After the cake is gone, the guests are gone, and you’re years down the road, the lasting items you’ll have outside of the memories of your day are your photographs and video footage. These are what you’ll be showing your kids and sending family members who were unable to come. For these reasons, it is worth investing in the best professional you can afford.

One option a wedding photographer might offer is a drone wedding photography service. It sounds great, and you may receive some excellent shots, but you need to decide whether this kind of service is worth your investment, or if you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars for one or two shots that may not show the kind of footage or images you want.

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