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So it seems that you also like to spend your free time creating or giving a new purpose to an old object around your house. You’ve visited the local art&crafts suppliers already, you go online any now and then to look for a vinyl cutting machine (read our Cricut reviews and Cricut Explore Comparisons) and… all of a sudden there’s no more space in your “recreational” room. Assuming you have one by now… And it’s way worse if you try to do “your thing” in a corner of your living room.

Luckily for you, you’re not the only one who got into arts&crafts and definitely not the only one who felt that a little organization in the hobby area wouldn’t hurt. Don’t wait to feel suffocated by all your crafting tools and make room for your, let’s say, latest pencil sharpener just as well.

There are some tips, some smartsy tricks to help you store your art craft supplies and remain organized, as this final step seems to be a burden sometime.

Define your arts & crafts space

If you already have an office and a crafting room, full of cupboards, shelves and a working table just as well, you might be among the lucky ones. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most of us.

When you don’t have a specific room for your hobby, you can use a corner of a room. The dining room is a good example since it already has a workspace (table), but you can begin with any other room of your home that has the space for it.

Don’t be selfish and dedicate an entire corner of the room for your craft supplies.

As in all cases, some shelving and cupboards can mean the world to the organization of the space. Put aside some money to get some stackable shelf and drawer units that sit on top of each other and you won’t regret it!

You can get creative also when organizing the crafts- combine as it pleases your cubby holes, drawers, cupboards, open shelves, but put them together to make a single wall unit.

If you’re short on money this month, take a look around and use an old dresser to cardboard the boxes, coffee cans, canning jars…Practically, anything with a lid that can fit your crafts. Of course, you can always give these boxes a new look with your crafting. Take a use of your new vinyl cutting machine for some stickers or rub-ons.

When crafting, a table is almost impossible not to have. You can leave on it the unfinished projects that are still wet. Get a card table since it’s rather small but it also fits your working projects. You can fold up when you’re done so it doesn’t take much space.

Collect and Organize Your Supplies

When you do arts & crafts you always buy some supplies and last thing you want is a pile full of mixed colors, textures and sizes. Start organize your supplies in a fashion way that helps you. You can have the paint area, the fabric zone and put the various types of glue in the same spot. Other might feel better if they use the glass glue with the glass for crafting, so it’s totally up to your needs and likes.

Any now and then, it’s very useful to go through your supplies, no matter how long it might take. You also know that glue or paint might dry up or simply expire, despite all your efforts to not have that. It’s also the case of the items that you barely use so you can save some space in your crafting corner/room by giving them away.

So…learn to throw away what you didn’t use not even once so far and all the dried glues or paints!

Tips on Storing

Crafting supplies go great in plastic storage bins with removable lids as they are see-through and easy to access. There are so many colors and sizes for them, but the clear ones are more practical as you can see from a distance where is what you’re looking for. You can always label these bins- use your artistic skills for it by creating stickers.

Use large bins for the storing supplies and smaller plastic bins for your current project. This way your current project is handy and you can always take it with you if you go away. The bins are also compact and easy to stack in closets or on shelves.

A great help when organizing the supplies comes from the zip-top bags, in all sizes. They store perfectly the small items and all the same small items (glass beads for instance) in another larger bag.

Get yourself some multi-compartment boxes that fit amazing your small hardware items (bolts, nuts) from your crafting. And, if your kids are bored and want to help, you can give them the beads to sort them by color 🙂

Use also a mobile tool box. It might sound a little over the top, but this kind of storage on wheels is great since it contains both small and larger compartments, holding a great range of supplies and tools.

Get a new sense to the fishing tackle box and make it your own great storage box for all your small craft supplies. The tackle boxes come in all shapes, colors and sizes so let yourself go and buy as many as you need!

Crafting is all also about giving a new meaning to a used object, so…use some milk crates to get a better organization of your crafting supplies. Create a single wall shelving unit with them as they also come in cute colors also.

Keep in mind to use a clipboard in your crafting zone. It’s better to keep a list of your current supplies, the quantities and the list for your future shopping. This may look a bit over the top, but the key to an organized crafting area is… organizing the crafts all the way down.

Final tip?

Create and organize your crafts as it pleases and fits you the most. No matter how creative you feel, you still need to find the needle in the hey, right? Organizing all the time your arts&crafts means more time for your favorite hobby and…more space for the latest model of vinyl cutter 🙂

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