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You only need to take a look around and see that technology changes everything around us daily. Or, at least when we talk about gears, tools and equipment, today’s best hit might become old model and out of style next week.

If you are into DIY projects, it means you’re already prepared to take all the changes that come along. You get more materials to work on, more types of machines to work with. So, if you were already the proud owner of a Silhouette Cameo 2… you’re already the proud owner of the old model…

Our Silhouette Cameo 3 Review

The new Silhouette Cameo 3 is this week’s news as it not only cuts a great diversity of materials (vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric etc) up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long, but it also features Bluetooth technology for wireless connection. You can also plug it into your home computer, though. Read our Silhouette Cameo 3 review to find out more.

The Silhouette Cameo 3 uses the great Silhouette Studio design software to create your special projects. It features a dual-carriage for multi-tool use and gives 2mm more clearance in order to cut thicker materials. The tool is compatible with Print& Cut and PixScan technology. And, on top of everything, Silhouette Cameo 3 is compatible with the self-adjusting Auto-Blade.

If we go through the abilities of the Silhouette Cameo 3 we also see it has a matless cutting ability. It offers blade or other item storage compartments and this is a new feature as well.



The Silhouette Cameo surprises also as it has a barcode scanning feature for repeated cut jobs, which is very useful for repetitive projects.

As in previous models, you also get access to the Silhouette Design Store which stores more than 85,000 ready-made designs. You get 100 free images and the first month there is free access. Just keep in mind to register the second you get the machine so you don’t lose the first month free opportunity.

We need to give some special attention to the Bluetooth built-in feature. This way, your Cameo 3 is Bluetooth compatible and allows you wireless communication. Using the Bluetooth, you can get cut jobs by devices that aren’t your computer. On the other hand, you may also receive cut jobs even if you’re not connected to your computer.

Another great feature of the Cameo 3 is the Auto-Blade feature. You don’t need to adjust the blade anymore as Cameo 3 does it for you. Additionally, Cameo 3 also works with the Deep-Cut Blade.

The additional storage of the Cameo 3 is one feature that everyone was thinking about. You can store in these compartments blade or whatever you might need. The storage compartment is well placed and has easy access.

When we talk about the dual-carriage of the Cameo 3, we see the tool holders marked with red circle on the left and blue circle on the right. So, you simply insert your tools (a sketch pen or an auto-blade) into the rightful tool holders, just as you have decided in your Cut Settings in Silhouette Studio. So, your machine will perform two different functions in one cut job.

The Cameo 3 has also an increased clearance level (2mm) compared to previous models of Cameo. This means you can cut thicker materials by using the Deep-Cut blade.

It’s not that you’re not creative enough, but you can use some help sometimes. The Silhouette Design Store contains so many ready-made shapes that you can use on the Cameo 3. The store includes more than 85,000 downloadable designs, created by various crafters. You simply need to choose and purchase one of these designs and it’s all yours for good. Of course, you can also build your own personal digital design library and you only pay the designs you really want. You don’t need to spend more money on other cartridges or access the shapes that is less likely you’re going to use.



Cameo 3 comes with Silhouette Studio Software that is strong and reliable for any cutting system out there. The software includes features from the high-end illustrating software. They are, nevertheless, easy to use, nice, simple and free for all Silhouette users. So, you can customize your projects in so many (free) ways.

Another great feature of the Cameo 3 is the PixScan technology that allows markers give accurate cuts around a printed design or to place the cut lines in a precise location on your material as it uses a scanner or a camera. The PixScan algorithm gives the Cameo 3 the ability to identify specially placed registration marks on the PixScan cutting mat. The PixScan is great when you want to save a scanned or photographed image into your own digital library or if you want to turn a hand-drawn sketch into a custom cut file.

The Cameo 3 is dual-voltage compatible. It’s touch screen is responsive and intuitive and has a repeated job button.

There are some other good things related to the Cameo3. We like the expandable supports for the mat and the good design of the dual carriage feature. The blade holders have a new design also, as now they have a sliding mechanism.

The package contains the Cameo 3 cutting machine, the Silhouette Studio software, the power cable and USB cable, the 12 inch cutting mat and a crosscutter. You also get 100 digital designs to begin creating right away. Don’t forget about the one-month Basic Subscription to the Silhouette Design Store.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The Cameo 3 has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to get cut jobs without being connected to your computer
  • The Cameo 3 has an Auto-Blade
  • The cutting machine gives well designed storage compartments
  • The touchscreen is responsive and intuitive

No matter how much we like the Cameo 3, there are also some parts that could use some improvement:

  • The Cameo 3 is a bit loud
  • There are some problems with the connection of the Bluetooth
  • The Cameo 3 does imply a learning curve, especially if working with a computer is not your favorite thing
  • The Cameo 3 doesn’t come with written instructions
  • The setup is a bit challenging
  • Even if it comes with auto blade, you still need to select from a list the material of your cutting. So, how is this auto blade?

All in all, the Cameo 3 is the new Cameo that has many great features, but also some parts to improve.

Check out the price and reviews on Amazon.



  1. Reply January 22, 2017 at 1:44 am

    I read a review on Amazon that the Cameo 3 had a problem with windows 10?
    or is a problem with the computer & cable?

  2. Reply Goettee Michael September 8, 2017 at 12:55 am

    I did a search for “Mac” for where software is concerned and it only showed up as part of the word “MAChine.” Is the software Mac compatible?

  3. Reply Canaro Jos December 14, 2017 at 3:55 am

    If we compare Silhouette Cameo 3 vs. Cricut Air 2 machine which one is better? Because I plan to buy Cameo 3 end of this year? And I heard that this cutting machine is great and can work without connection to laptop right?

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